Do you recognise YOUR kids? Here’s the 5 faces of school photos

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Has your kiddo got his school pics back yet?

If not then you need to brace yourself, because he’ll likely be sporting one of these frightening photo-day faces.

If you have received them, then you are probably already scrolling ahead to find out which one is him.

1. Fake it ’till you make it

This kid has perfected the fake, ‘show your teeth’ grin. He is just going through the motions and pretending to be happy. Why wouldn’t he be? Some stranger who he feels totally awks around is snapping his photo.

But he’s not fooling us. That ‘smile’ doesn’t reach his eyes. He just looks … weird.

2. Future serial killer

Oh dear, if this is what your child’s face is saying in his school pic, then I’m sorry. That’s not one for the pool room.

But you are not alone. Lots of kids look like they might grow up to murder someone with an axe in their school photos. There’s the slightly demonic smile, the evil side eyes that are glancing at the kid standing next to them in the class photo, and their hair that’s been obsessively combed.

See? Lots. Of. Kids.

3. Pretty boy poser

This kid loves the camera and as such, he’s working it. So much so that his portrait looks like a modelling headshot, rather than a piece of school years memorabilia.

You can’t actually frame this though because it’s, well, just embarrassing.

4. Is he stoned?

Then there’s the stoner in the class. But he’s not stoned. He’s doesn’t even know what stoned means, but he sure does look it.


5. Way too happy to be here

This kid is SO CUTE! His smile isn’t fake, but he also isn’t trying to model, he’s just loving the whole experience and his smile genuinely goes to his eyes.

Problem is, standing next to other kids in his class who are sporting one of the four previous faces makes him look odd. He just looks way too happy.

You can’t help but wonder if his water bottle was filled with straight cordial that day.

Which one is your kiddo?


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