14 last-minute Book Week ideas for super busy parents

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We know. You said this year it would be different. You said you’d think about it in advance. You said you wouldn’t be up at midnight the night before the Book Week parade, stapling bits of cardboard to a t-shirt.

But here we are, and believe us – we understand. There’s no judgement here, folks!

Not even lockdown can stop Book Week

We can hear your indignant howls from here, mums and dads. Even schools conducting online learning in areas under COVID lockdown are urging kids to participate in Book Week festivities this year, by dressing up and showing off their costume to the class via video call. “Dang! Thought we were getting a free pass this year!” we hear you groan.

But while us parents might not all be huge fans of Book Week dress-ups, it is a great way to break up the monotony of the day and bring a bit of fun back to the ‘classroom’ – AKA, the kitchen table.

Here are some easy-peasy last-minute costume options which not only tolerate our lack of organisation, they practically celebrate it.


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