“Sh!t it’s Book Week next week” 6 thoughts we’re all secretly having about it

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It’s that time of year again when our kiddos are invited by their school or childcare centre to “dress as their favourite book character!”

That’s right, next week is Book Week.

Ah, book bloody week.

Listen as you hear every single mum sigh, “I don’t have time for this shit.”

Here are some other thoughts we’re all secretly having about it.

 1. What dress-ups does she already have?

Before I dash down to Kmart and buy the last remaining costume that could be a book character, what do we already have in the dress-up box that will work?

Elsa! We have an Elsa dress. Yes! Sorted.

Elsa dress up

2. Oh, does Elsa count?

Hmmm, Frozen is a movie, and Elsa is a Disney princess … but there are spin-off books, right?

Okay, maybe I’ll keep Elsa as a backup if I can’t think of anything more literary.

3. What about the rag bag?

Oh, she has heaps of old clothes that I’ve tossed in the rag bag with rips and stuff. Maybe she could be Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Who am I kidding? She will want to be Elsa, not some povvo kid from the rag bag.

4. What books does she love?

She used to like Where Is The Green Sheep? when she was little. Awww, I read it over and over. Oh yes, she would be such a sweet little green sheep. But, humph, how the f!ck would I do that? Nope. Too hard. Keep thinking.

Dress up kids

5. I’m not a book week type

Wah! I am not a, ‘I’ll just whip that up’ type. All those crafty mums out there sewing this and creating that are making me look bad. I just want to forget about bloody book week.

But you won’t.

And this is why.

6. She will love dressing up

This isn’t about me. Just think of a simple costume and don’t go overboard. It doesn’t have to cost much or do your head in. She will just enjoy dressing up with her little friends.

Oh, I know! I’ll grab some fairy wings from the $2 shop and she can wear those with her tulle skirt and a skivvy.

She can be The Fairy Who Wouldn’t fly. She adores that book

Perfect. And it’s easy. NO SEWING!

If you need some quick-as-a-flash ideas, including a headband perfect for a Where Is The Green Sheep costume, head over to this great list of last-minute Book Week costume ideas!


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