Here’s 9 Book Week costumes that will make you feel a little bit impressed

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Book Week is back for another year and that can only mean one thing – a last-minute scramble to finalise what costume your kid will wear!

Obviously the best way to tackle a DIY Book Week costume is to ask your kid which book character they’d most like to dress as. But if their ideas are completely beyond your crafting abilities, and we totally get that at this point in lockdown – we’ve rounded up a few ideas you might like to try.

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

What’s a caterpillar’s secret power? If it eats enough treats it has the energy to turn into a beautiful butterfly! Not to mention… this is a DIY craft creation that actually looks fun, not traumatising, to put together!

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2. Captain Underpants

Not only can he fly, Captain Underpants has Wedgie Power and 100% Cotton Vision … now that’s every kids’ kinda hero! With the addition of some (clean) white underpants over your pants and a red cape, it’s also a pretty easy outfit to whip up.

3. Thelma the Unicorn

In this much-loved book by Aaron Blabey, Thelma realises you don’t need glitz, glitter and glam to be happy … but you will need it to pull of this fun Book Week look. Find a white wig, unicorn horn headband and some other shiny sequins and voila! You’re a unicorn.

4. Inspector Gadget

If your kid already has a trench coat at home, then a simple version of the below shouldn’t be hard to put together! Add some cardboard propellers to the top of a hat and some silver go-go-gadget arms to complete the look.

5. Giraffes Can’t Dance

In this book, Gerald realises he doesn’t need to dance like everyone else, he can find his own groove. And that’s a pretty awesome secret power if you ask us! If you have a giraffe onesie lying around, you’re sorted! Alternatively, you could attempt this mum’s almost-fail of a giraffe hat.

6. The Paperbag Princess

This classic book makes a great concept for Book Week – you just need to find a paper bag that’s big enough to fit your little one in (or get crafty with the brown butcher’s paper).


7. Madeline

She may be very small, but inside she’s tall – and that’s where it counts! A navy dress and the wide-brimmed hat makes this an easy (and iconic) Book Week costume.

8. The Rainbow Fish

With an array of cardboards in purples, blues and greens, you’ll be able to make all the scales you need to turn your child into the magical (and well-intentioned) Rainbow Fish. You can also attempt some fun ‘fishy’ hairdos if you’re feeling brave …

9. Tintin 

We love this costume of the brave and adventurous Tintin! A blue jumper, some well-groomed orange hair and a cutout of Scruffy and you’re good to go!

And for the really time-poor parents amongst us, here’s a bunch of other super easy costumes to create at the last minute.


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