A simple, low-tech bracelet hopes to help prevent babies being stillborn

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A new study in the UK is testing out a very clever bracelet that helps to record a growing baby’s movements in-utero.

Monitoring movements more closely

The BBC reports that thousands of expectant mums from Shropshire will be given these bracelets to monitor their little one’s movement, in the hopes that keeping a closer eye on babies may reduce the rates of stillbirth.

The Maternity Movement Bracelet was developed by a clever mum named Louise Macleod when she was expecting her baby.

“I came up with the idea of the bracelet when I was pregnant but couldn’t find anything to help me monitor my baby’s movements,” Louise told Planet Radio.

“I created a beaded bracelet using craft supplies and wore it from 25 weeks onwards. I found it particularly reassuring on busy days when I couldn’t concentrate on my baby’s movements as I normally would, and it helped me notice patterns of movement I don’t think I would have otherwise have found.”

A daily pattern

The bracelet is made up of 14 beads. At the start of the day, mums start with all the beads together on the bracelet. Then when a mum feels the baby’s movement, she shifts a bead along the bracelet.

Maternity Movement Bracelet

This helps her to be more aware of her baby’s movements – and to notice differences in movement patterns.

Early detection of changes in movement can sometimes help to save the lives of babies who might be suffering complications in utero.

Mums are being encouraged to use the bracelet and if they do notice any shifts or that their baby is not moving for a period of time, they can get straight in touch with their midwife or doctor to investigate further. 
What a simple and brilliant idea. Excellent job Louise, you genius baby-saving inventor of a very clever thing.

To find out more about the Maternity Movement Bracelet, please contact louise.macleod5@nhs.net


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