These 36 NICU nurses are all popping out babies this year

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WOAH! Talk about a work baby boom.

36 nurses from the same NICU in a Kansas hospital are expecting babies this year.

20 have already arrived, and what’s more, only two of these babies are girls!

Something in the water?

While taking loving care of their tiny sick patients, the nurses have been consoling one another on their pregnancy woes and sharing baby advice.

They have also all been drinking from the same water cooler at Children’s Mercy hospital, so …

OH, BABY!! Our Intensive Care Nursery nurses spend their days and nights with little ones from across the Midwest who…

Posted by Children's Mercy on Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The hospital shared the above photo of the new mums and mums-to-be holding signs of their baby’s due date.

“Patients (their parents, that is) joke to not drink the water in this place unless you want to get pregnant,” nurse Allison Ronco (who had her baby in January) told Good Morning America.

Where are the baby girls?

Amazingly, there have only been two baby girls born so far out of the 20 babies birthed.

The rest have been boys.

Again, we ask, what’s in the water at this hospital?!

A different perspective

As the nurses all work in critical care, looking after sick babies, becoming mums brings a whole new perspective.

“Most of us take our babies home as healthy babies, and to work where you help very sick babies gives you a different perspective and a whole new level of empathy,” Ronco reveals.

Raising them together

The nurses probably won’t need a mother’s group and will no doubt be calling on their colleagues as they navigate parenthood together.

“We definitely truly are all really good friends,” Ronco said. “We are all raising these babies together.”


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