10 easy poster ideas to celebrate your child’s first 100 days of school

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That first year of school is filled with new experiences – new lessons, new friends and new milestones. One of the things most schools celebrate is the first 100 days of kindergarten (or prep, reception, foundation or pre-primary, or whatever you call that first year of school where you live!).

So arm yourselves with scissors and glue, parents, because there’s a pretty good chance you’re about to be hit with a homework project of mammoth proportions – creating a poster to mark your little one’s first 100 days!

Here are our picks of the very best in 100 days of school projects for all of those extra crafty parents out there.

1. A penny for your thoughts

100 coins

How about collecting 100 different coins for your little preppy to glue? This is a great exercise in maths as well – what kid doesn’t love counting coins?

Project from The Blackberry Vine

2. Opening the doors of learning


The road to education is all about opening doors to the different avenues of learning for kids and thus this creative 100 days of open doors is not only adorable, but also completely appropriate.

3. Collector’s paradise

100days random

We love this little man’s innovative 100 days idea where he simply collected a bunch of random stuff (100 arbitrary things to be exact) to glue on a large poster board.

Project from Mrs Easton’s Kindergarten

4. All the shapes and colours 


100 days of shapes is another great way to commemorate such an important day and easy enough for little hands to do (with the help of an adult).

Project from Mrs Easton’s Kindergarten

5. Thumbs up!

thumb 100

This little dude certainly deserves a double thumbs up for his clever collection of thumb prints idea!

Project from Brassy Apple

6. Making memories

10 days memories

For extra crafty children, why not create 100 days of memories? If you don’t mind cutting up photos, this is a great collage idea.

Alternatively, for extra-organised parents, why not take a photo a day for the first 100 days of your little one’s school journey to showcase the subtle changes in the past few months?

Project from Pinterest

7. O-fish-ally a big kid now!

100 days 8

The first year of school may only be a small milestone in the ocean of learning but it is such a big step. And showcasing 100 fish swimming in a fish bowl is a great way to celebrate.

Project from Pinterest

8. Something to chew on

100 balls

What about this clever gum ball machine poster using mini pom-poms? How clever!

Project from Pinterest

9. Hot legs


Want to go 3-D? Then this rainbow-coloured centipede will take your fancy!

Project from Pinterest

10. Lickety split

Paddle pop sticks 100 days poster

As most craft-challenged parents already know, when in doubt, grab the coloured paddle-pop sticks! There is almost nothing you can’t make without the assistance of these nifty little sticks – as this poster proves.

Project from Time 4 Kindergarten

These are only some of the countless ways to celebrate 100 days of school. Design a picture with 100 buttons, write your child’s name using 100 bricks of LEGO, create a necklace using 100 beads or pieces of pasta or bake a cake with 100 sprinkles on top. There’s no end of ways you can celebrate this milestone in your child’s school life.


This post was first published on 10 July 2016


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