11 things that change when you become a dad

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You’ve been warned, probably several times – Life changes once you have kids. But just how so and how much?

Buckle up dads-to-be. Here are 11 things that will change, none of which you have read about in What to Expect 

You’ve grown up. You’ve settled down. And you’ve taken the next step. You probably even have a dog. And a savings account. And a mortgage. In fact, you have this whole ‘adulting’ thing figured out, for the most part.

So how different can it really be when going from a twosome to a threesome (and beyond)? We are so glad you asked.


Your wife’s breasts suddenly have a whole new purpose

Sorry men, but once the baby comes, they become baby’s meal ticket, not your toys.

You’ll discover a previously unknown love for grocery shopping

Because escaping to ALDI to pick up stuff for the house will not only win you brownie points at home, you’ll probably actually love the solitude. (This is a secret that mums everywhere have been keeping to themselves!) Let’s be honest, who among us doesn’t love trawling the Special Buys aisle and coming home with everything from ski gear to chainsaws to a pair of leather boat shoes? 

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You have to share your Xbox

And Lego sets. And Star Wars figurines.

Your work days may end, but work never does

Because when you get home at 5pm, you can expect a kiss from your spouse followed by a baby being thrust into your arms, with a plea of, “Here, take her. For the love of God, TAKE HER.”

Staying up all night doesn’t involve alcohol

Or strippers. Rather, it normally involves colic and baby spew.

Both situations can get messy though.

dad does hair

You learn new skills that you never thought you would ever need to know

Like how to plait hair. And the names of every single Shopkins in seasons one to six.

And how to get up in the morning without making a single sound for fear that you might wake up everyone in the house.

You start to attend tea parties

Fancy dress is often a requirement and the other guests are normally stuffed animals.

It becomes perfectly natural to spend more than 20 minutes in the loo

Before kids, you probably didn’t waste too much time in the toilet. Business done. Out you go. But now… well, now “going to the toilet” means you can check the scores, read the news, text a mate and enjoy several minutes of solitude every day.

Excitement revolves around your kids’ feats, not just your own.

Sure, catching a barra is still as awesome as ever, but not as awesome as watching your son catch his first one. That overwhelming pride is indescribable.

Even seeing your son wee on the lawn for the first time instead of in his nappy can bring an incredible sense of joy (and most likely a strong desire to share the news with your workmates the next day).

There is no such thing as last-minute plans

Think your Mrs. is hard to get out the door in time? Haha. If you have to leave the house at 2:00pm on a Saturday, it’s probably best to start getting ready at 4:30am. Just to be sure.

You have a mate for life

And one that looks up to you in every way possible. Yes, it’s a big responsibility, but it’s one that I think all dads will agree, is the best responsibility in the world.

mums to dads sl

So, there you go, dads. Now you’re ready. And although I may not be a new dad myself (just your standard mum of two wild children), the inspiration comes from all the great dads, grandpas and step-dads around me. Kudos to you and to every other dad out there, who prove that life may change once you become a parent, but only for the better.


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