The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne gets real about the pain of childbirth

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Laura Byrne, who gave birth to her and Bachelor fiancé, Matty J Johnson’s first daughter, Marlie-Mae Rose last month, has opened up about the realities of childbirth. Still looking every bit the glamour mum, Laura speaks candidly on her Instagram stories about what has really been going on behind the scenes.

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Look at that mullet bugalugs, it’s no wonder I had indigestion ❤️

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Pain relief during birth

Laura gives an honest account about going into childbirth, thinking she would give it a go without any pain relief. “I momentarily thought I would have a drug-free birth,” she says on an Instagram story. “And then I went into labour – and I was like, ‘Give me the drugs, all of them, give me the menu of drugs, thank you.'”

The good, the bad and the not-so-ugly

When asked to reveal the best and worst bits of having a baby, Laura gives a frank response that many of us could relate to.  “The best bit would be having a baby,” she says kissing her beautiful daughter’s head affectionately. “And the worst bit would be everything else.”

Mum and dad time

Giving your relationship a little attention is tricky with a newborn so what does Laura do to keep the romance alive with Matty J? “Sometimes we change nappies together,” she jokes, showing that the demands of having a baby are the same for everyone.

Plans on fitness

Now she’s in the thick of parenting her baby girl, Laura’s priorities have somewhat changed. “Some days I think I really want to get back into shape, like now,” she says. “And other days I think I’m just going to breastfeed her until she’s 18.”


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