The Bachelor star Matty J is expecting (you’ll never guess the baby’s name!)

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Christmas will be extra exciting for Bachelor star and NOVA breakfast Radio host, Matty ‘J’ Johnson and partner, Laura Byrne.

Exciting news

The loved-up pair announced baby news on Tuesday by sharing the always-exciting first ultrasound photo.

Guess my baby’s name

Then yesterday, buoyed by the news of his first-born Matty decided to play a round of ‘guess my baby’s name’ with c0-hosts, Sarah Mc Gilvray and Matt De Groot.

Needless to say, it was a short game, after Sarah kicked things off by suggesting her own name.

“Actually … the name was Nova,” he confessed.

“Really?” Came Sarah’s almost disappointed response. 

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A nice ring to it

But that didn’t deter the dad-to-be who went on to share that Nova, also the name of his employer, made a list of three (Beau and Kai) that Laura had discovered on a baby name app.

“Laura thought there was a ring to it,” Matt explained to his colleagues, and he liked it for being something a bit unique.  

Apparently, he’s always taken issue with the fact he and siblings, Tom, David, Adam and Kate had really traditional sounding names.

In the meantime, let’s hope Matty is working on his daddy-game. The Bachelor star often posts photos of his nephew and niece doing ‘uncle duties’ but back in May he posted this photo saying, “I don’t know how people do this full time. One weekend is enough!”


We hear you Matty, enjoy your last Christmas sleep in!


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