The Bachelor’s Matty J and Laura were parent-shamed in record time

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As Laura and Matty J took their first wobbly steps out into the world after welcoming their baby girl, the parent-shamers were on hand to cut them down. 

Life with Marlie-May

The pair’s daughter – who they have named Marlie-Mae – arrived last Wednesday much to the delight of her parents who had been patiently waiting for their ‘overdue’ bub.

“Welcome to the world you divine little slice of human pudding,” Laura posted on Instagram. 

“Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson (named after our Nanas) you’re more than we could have ever hoped for. 19.6.19.”

A week on, the pair have ventured to Bondi Icebergs, perhaps for a spot of lunch with Marlie-Mae tucked up in her capsule under the table?

“I don’t know what ya’ll are yabbering on about,” Laura captioned a photo of the trio on the Icebergs deck. “Tired is the look we were going for.”

Okay maybe they do look a little bit tired, but they also look brilliantly content. This new baby glow didn’t get in the way of the parent police, however. They were very quick to critique the new parents on a number of things. #Yawn 

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I don’t know what ya’ll are yabbering on about. Tired is the look we were going for.

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“My goodness only one week old. Don’t be a show pony,” one very mean person posted. Um. What? Shoosh.

“Great to escape but the worry of no vaccination is 😮,” someone else decided. Shoosh. 

“I hope Matty held Marlie-Mae so you could enjoy your ciggie in peace,” another follower wrote. Shoosh times 127.

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“Sleep when she sleeps” lol.

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Thankfully lots of other parents were much more supportive and congratulated the couple on their gorgeous family and for being able to get out of the house.

“These comments are 🤦🏻‍♀️ ” one such person wrote. “When you are in the newborn phase and are brand new parents, getting out of the house is one of the best things you can do for your own mental health! You are also completely glowing.”

“Super important for u to get out and not be stuck in a bubble,” another agreed. “A trip to Coles was so exciting for me in those early days.”

It really didn’t take long for the trolls to descend, did it?

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You and me girlfriend ❤️

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If these people were truly concerned, they’d message privately and kindly … but no. A bit of public shaming seems more their nasty cup of tea. Ugh. Shame on THEM.


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