Fans are squabbling over whether this Bachie bub is the twin of mum or dad

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The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne and Matty J welcomed their first child together – a baby girl – on 19 June.  Hooray!

They named their gorgeous little girl Marlie-May and somehow she’s the exact doppelgänger of her mum. And also her dad. No wait … her mum. Well, look she’s really doppelganging all over the place.

We know, we know … it’s hard to imagine that this wee mite could be the exact twin of both her parents. But take it from us she really is a sort of shape-shifting baby genius who’s pulling it off. Let us explain:

Exhibit A

Here (see below) we see a photo Laura shared of Marlie-May and Matty on Father’s Day. As you can see the tiny girl has been captured taking on the form of her daddy here. The expression and posture match pretty perfectly and Instagram followers were absolutely delighted.

“They have the same expression on their faces,” one wrote.

“Twinning!” another fan declared.

“Haha his little mini!” someone else asserted.

“Gorgeous. She looks so much like Matt (sorry Laura!)” a follower commented.

Matty J and baby

BUT … Marlie-May also looks RIDICULOUSLY like her mama, too, as the following photo illustrates :

Exhibit B

A couple of weeks ago Laura shared this photo of herself beside a photo of her daughter, the pair wearing matching expressions and basically being the dead-freaking-spit of each other.

“No DNA testing required,” Laura captioned that post – and fans were quick to agree.

“Gosh! And I was thinking she is like her Daddy!” one wrote.

“The similarities are uncanny,” someone commented.

“Oh my and I thought she looked like Matty! She’s your little clone,” another commenter posted.

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No DNA testing required

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As it turns out this baby really is a carbon copy of both her parents, which left many of us confused and impressed.

“How does she look the image of her Dad and her Mum?!!!” #WeKnowRight?!

“It’s like one of those blur photos you see where they join to people together. You two baked her up 50/50 … and she’s divine!”


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