The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne gets trapped in her car with newborn

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The Bachelor’s Matty J and Laura Byrne welcomed their first child together back in June.


“Welcome to the world you divine little slice of human pudding,” Laura captioned a social media birth announcement at the time, alerting fans to their little one’s arrival.

They called their gorgeous bub Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson – “named after our Nanas”. 

Since then we’ve been catching glimpses of the couple’s parenthood journey (well, it IS The Bachelor and Osher would want us to call it a journey, right?!)

It’s been jam-packed with lovely moments and the odd challenge … including a recent one which saw Laura very relatably ‘trapped’ in her car with Marlie-May.

Sharing a photo of herself on Instagram, Laura quipped that she was in this for the long haul.

“Baby asleep in car. Mum trapped in car. A memoir,” she wrote.

No biggie, mama

Other parents speedily weighed in, noting they too had been where Laura was – and urging her to hang in there … and make the most of it!

“Been there. Kinda of one of my favorite places, four kids in. The silence,” one wrote in the comments on Instagram.

“My life currently,” another parent sympathised. “Always pack a book, a charger, a bottle of water and a snack. Or [head to] Maccas drive through!”

“You can literally run your life as long as you have your mobile,” someone else wrote. “You can work, emails, online shopping … UberEats. What’s not to love?”

“I get by with always having a bottle of water in the car, and my headphones! I smash through Podcasts while laying back,” another follower posted.

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Baby asleep in car. Mum trapped in car. A memoir.

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“Hair game is strong”

But others didn’t want to talk about Laura’s ‘trapped’ dilemma at all. They were more keen to point out that her hair looks stupidly gorgeous.

“Trapped in a car with bloody good hair,” one fan observed.

“Hair game is strong,” someone else declared.

“I’d like this post baby hair please and thank you,” another mum wrote. “I’m very over the fuzz around my face right now!”

Word is that Laura and baby Marlie-Mae eventually DID emerge from the car and we’re putting them top of our list for the next season of Survivor.

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