“I love kids and I feel so blessed”: Miranda Kerr’s third baby routine

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Model and beauty company CEO, Miranda Kerr is mum to 3-month-old Myles, 20-month-old Hart and 9-year-old Flynn.

Three is the magic number

Myles and Hart are her boys with husband Evan Spiegel. Flynn is her son with ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

Miranda had a new product launch this week and — as is customary — she ensured plenty of coverage by sharing more about her family life at the event.

Miranda’s looking her usual healthy and happy model mum self, and she said that now that she’s deeply entrenched in big-ish family life, she has to take her fitness sessions where she can get them.

She spends time walking with her hubby and children or “turning the music on and dancing with the kids.”

“It’s like I’m secretly doing the plank,” she admitted, speaking to People magazine at her launch event. “You make it work.”

“At night time, I like to give the two little ones a bath and I light my candle … I have my little ritual.”

“The lights go down dim,” she explained.  “We have a nice, relaxing sea salt bath. It’s relaxing for them, it’s relaxing for me and they’re in bed by 6:30 and then I have more time with my husband.”

Under the pump 

Miranda revealed she’s breastfeeding Myles, but notes that it takes a lot of effort to make it work when she’s got such a hectic work life.

“You definitely have to plan,” Miranda confirms, explaining that expressing milk is a constant to-do.

“So, like right before [this] event, I made sure that I pumped because my house is far away from here. So I pumped right before, and then I’ve got to pump any minute. It’s every three hours.”

“When I’m with him, I breastfeed every two to three hours. But at least I always have extra milk at home.”

It’s a situation many non-model mums are acutely familiar with.

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Tis the season 🥰🎄💖

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Four on the floor?

Weirdly people are already asking Miranda if she and Evan plan on having more babies. Even though Myles is just three months old. #sigh

“I love kids, and I feel so blessed to have three healthy ones,” the mum-of-three said, explaining that Evan is all in.
“I love being a mother of three boys. But I don’t know. I’m definitely loving where we’re at right now with the three of them. And I’m not sure if we will or won’t. I more so know that my husband definitely, probably, wants more, but I’m open.”


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