Miranda Kerr reveals her son Flynn was hilariously desperate for a sibling

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Miranda Kerr is expecting baby number two with Snapchat co-founder and husband, Evan Spiegel and she’s just shared a funny story about her son Flynn’s very urgent hopes for a little brother or sister.

“Honey, give it a minute!”

“Evan and I had been together for a while,” Miranda explained “and he was like, ‘When are we going to have another baby brother or sister?’ We were like, ‘Look, we’ve got to get married first!'”

Taking this information to heart, Flynn (whose dad is actor Orlando Bloom) responded accordingly, Miranda said. “The day after the wedding, he comes running in, and he’s like, ‘Mummy, is it in there?’ I was like, ‘Honey, give it a minute!'”  

During their chat, Miranda also revealed that she’d been feeling breathless in her early pregnancy, and that an at-home test confirmed a baby was indeed on board. She’s also been suffering from hormonal headaches this time around, something she bypassed during her pregnancy with Flynn.

A giggling Miranda said that Evan will most definitely NOT be Snapchatting the birth live, but that she’s a huge fan of the popular app. And also she really loves her own skincare line, using it to help prevent the stretch marks that can go hand-in-hand with pregnancy. Miranda loves both the family businesses, to be clear, and would like to talk about them a lot.

Miranda Kerr and Jimmy Kimmel Miranda Kerr and Jimmy Kimmel

“Oh, nooooo!”

Jimmy cheekily pointed out that Evan was super serious about an app that a lot of people simply use for sharing photos of their bottoms. Agreeing that this was kind of ironic, the model said her new husband does guard his own privacy carefully, and that it is in sharp contrast to his line of work.

“My husband’s a very private man,” Miranda confirmed, scoffing at the idea of ever posting photos or video of her own children publicly on Snapchat.

“Oh, noooo,” she laughed, looking horrified at the thought.

She then explained that she does use Evan’s app to share private Snaps with close friends and family, but the kids remain off limits for everyone else.

Miranda and Evan’s baby – the first for the Snapchat CEO – is reportedly due in May, around the same time as Chrissy Teigen’s second childKhloe Kardashian’s bub and hot on the heels of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s third baby.

It’s going to be a busy few months in celebrity baby land!

You can watch Miranda’s full interview on Jimmy’s show below:


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