Yoga, organic food, family: Miranda Kerr’s little boy says he’s “blessed”

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at model mum Miranda Kerr’s house, with her son Flynn understandably deeply influenced by his famous mum’s lifestyle.

In like Flynn

Miranda Kerr and her husband Evan Speigel are expecting their second child together. The couple are parents to a one-year-old baby boy named Hart, with their next addition due any day now, from what we gather.

It’s the third bub for Miranda, who is also mum to eight-year-old Flynn, her son with ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

Young Flynn spends part of his time with dad Orlando (and Orlando’s girlfriend Katy Perry). And he spends the rest of his time with his mum, Evan and his baby brother.

Miranda says that her eldest child is acutely aware of how lucky he is, and very much into leading a healthy life.

“He did a project at school about healthy food and said something like, ‘I’m blessed to be able to eat healthy, organic food’,” Miranda recently told New Beauty.

“Then he picked up a vegetable and asked if it was organic. I told him, ‘Yes, Flynn, we grew it in our backyard, it’s organic.'”

“He’s so inquisitive and curious,” she continues. “He loves watching me cook, and he also loves yoga.”

“When he was in my belly, I would do yoga every day, so he has a deep connection with it—we still do yoga together at least once a week.”

Making a difference

Flynn’s not just concerned with his own inner workings. “He’s also very aware of his environment,” his proud mama confirms.

“He loves being outdoors, and he’s really conscious of things like turning off the water when he’s brushing his teeth, and taking a quick shower. He also picks up trash when he sees it.”

This is the sort of ethos that Miranda’s got behind from day dot – and she’s passionate about passing it on to her kids.

“I think teaching children at a young age to do all of these little things like turning the tap off, or turning the lights off, or bringing the reusable bag to the supermarket, are things everyone can do.”

“They make a big difference,” Miranda says.

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“The harder pregnancy”

Baby number three will no doubt be raised with similar values, although Miranda’s staying mum about that little one right now.

“We know the sex and we have names,” Miranda recently told Marie Claire. “But it’s nice to keep a little to yourself.”

“It was probably the harder pregnancy out of the three,” she noted of her latest bump.

“Flynn was very smooth sailing. With Hart, I had a little bit of morning sickness. But with this little one, I’ve had terrible morning sickness. But I’m feeling good now and it’s not long to go now, which is exciting.”

We’re expecting to hear more about this bub any minute now! Stay tuned!

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