Miranda Kerr opens up about co-parenting with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

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Miranda Kerr is mum to two boys – eight-year-old Flynn and 14-month-old baby Hart. In March, the model mum announced she was pregnant with her third child. This incoming bub will be her second with husband and Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel.

Modern family

Miranda shares custody of Flynn with her ex-husband, actor Orlando Bloom who is currently rekindling his relationship with singer Katy Perry. 

Got all that?!

She recently spoke to The Morning Show revealing how young Hart has settled into the family – and explaining that Flynn is absolutely relishing his big brother role.

Flynn had been pushing for a sibling since before Evan and Miranda got married, so the news that he’s very on board with his growing family is not surprising.

“He absolutely adores his little brother,” she said, noting that the feeling is mutual.

“They just light up, they light up when they see each other. It’s so sweet to see that interaction and Flynn is a very hands-on, helpful big brother.”

“He’s very excited about the new arrival,” she continued. “He just said to me, I spoke to him about this morning, and he said ‘it means more love.’”

Co-parenting bosses

Of course, Flynn divides his time between Miranda, Evan and Hart and his dad Orlando’s place. While negotiating these arrangements can be one of the hardest parts of separation or divorce, the former Victoria’s Secret model and Kora beauty co CEO says that her family have got it all sorted.

She explains that the key to co-parenting success is a shared parenting vision, and says she is “really grateful” to have Orlando and Katy in her life.

“We really do get along so well,” Miranda revealed. “We all have Flynn’s best interests at heart, in the interests of our family as a whole.”

“We just worked together to work it out … I’m very happy. It may not have worked out that way, but I’m really happy and feel very blessed that it has.”

Orlando agrees that his relationship with his son’s mum has evolved brilliantly and that Flynn comes first. 

Speaking to Elle UK he confirmed, “Miranda and I have a remarkable relationship. We co-parent really well.” 

“Organised chaos”

All that said, don’t think for a minute that life goes smoothly at all times for this gang. It definitely has its moments.

“It is a lot of work and it takes a lot of planning and preparation, but, you know, I say it’s organised chaos,” Miranda told Sunrise of family life.

“Things don’t always go to plan and obviously the kids are my priority, but I do the best I can, trying to schedule things around their nap times or play dates and around their school schedule – it’s all a balance.”


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