The sibling rivalry struggle is VERY real at Miranda Kerr’s house

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Miranda Kerr is mum to seven-year-old Flynn and three-month-old Hart, and as much as her eldest was busting for a baby sibling it hasn’t turned out to be smooth sailing.

He was so excited!

“Ever since we got married … he kept saying he wanted a baby brother or sister and I told him he had to wait until we got married,” Miranda told Today.

“When I was finally pregnant and I told him after the 3 months, he was so excited. He specifically said he wanted a baby brother.”

Flynn was so into the idea of a sibling, that it was the first thing he checked on once his mum got married. 

“The day after the wedding, he comes running in, and he’s like, ‘Mummy, is it in there?’ I was like, ‘Honey, give it a minute!’”  

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Reality bites

Now that baby Hart has actually arrived, Flynn’s on a steep learning curve – and he’s noticed some pretty big changes.

“The other day when he was here with me, he was like, ‘Mum, I wanted to let you know I’m feeling a little frustrated. I feel like we’re not getting enough time together.’ I told him, ‘Oh honey, of course I understand. I want you to know I love you and we’re going to have lots of fun together with your brother and on our own.’”

Miranda says it must seem like she’s always favouring the baby, but she’s relieved Flynn can talk about how he’s feeling.

“I’m breastfeeding at the moment so the baby needs me every hour and a half. It’s great he expressed his own emotions.”

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Time poor

It seems that Flynn is not the only one mulling over priorities and a lack of quality time. When Today asked Miranda what her biggest challenge was, her response followed the very same theme.

“Time. With the first one, you have a lot more time because it’s just one. With two, you need to make sure you’re spending enough time with both of them. Together and individually.”

Miranda and her husband Evan Speigal married last year, and the supermodel has been regaling the world with insights into how she makes her husband happy ever since. Strategies include dressing modestly, having a roast chicken in the oven when he gets home, slipping into “her feminine” and avoiding sex before marriage.

So there ya go. 


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