Carrie Bickmore’s “Instagram vs reality” update is a reminder to us all

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Carrie Bickmore, partner Chris Walker, eleven-year-old Ollie and three-year-old Evie welcomed baby Adelaide to the family in December of 2018. 

Instagram VS reality

Since then, Carrie’s been sharing her experience of pregnancy and the early weeks on Instagram.

This week she went a step further, taking a dig at the idyllic filtered bubble Instagram portrays. Carrie uploaded two side-by-side images which perfectly illustrate the stark difference between a curated image and one that captures real life.

“INSTAGRAM verses REALITY,” Carrie posted under the pair of photos. 

“First pic was taken on a flattering angle, with some props, some casual hand positioning, some clever cropping and a nice little filter added,” she explained.

“The 2nd was the real moment captured without my knowledge a couple of weeks after Adelaide was born before I woke up and suggested we take a nice shot.”

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Image one makes motherhood look completely effortless and is the kind we see on Instagram very, very often.

Image two shows a much more candid view, and it’s one that every parent will relate to. Carrie’s completely out to it, sprawled on the couch, obviously still recovering from her very recent experience of childbirth and snuggling baby Addie close.

“Keepin’ it real!”

It’s a brilliant photo of a raw and very real life moment perfectly captured – and we could not love it more.

Commenters felt just the same and were keen to let Carrie know.

“Keepin’ it real,” one follower wrote.

“You star Carrie,” another posted. “Thank you for being brave, sharing and making us acclimatising to sleep deprivation with newborns not feel so lousy …”

“Love you so much for posting this,” one commenter wrote. “The sneaky photographer is equally responsible for the awesomeness.”

“Carrie you are awesome!” a fan wrote. “Thank you for sharing what it’s really like for us mamas. You’ve made my day, my week, my year!”


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