10 of the funniest kids’ drawings in the history of the universe

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When Facebook page Family days. Tried & tested posted a callout for ‘kids drawings gone wrong’, parents were only too happy to share their children’s efforts.

And honestly? Thank goodness they did because it’s the cheer-up we didn’t know we needed. These funny illustrations are heavy on anatomical correctness and surprisingly pro-phallus. Scroll on for ten delightful images that will make you spit your coffee across the room – or embarrass yourself as you chortle like a loony on the bus. #snort

1. My family


“My son was asked to draw a picture of his family whilst he was at nursery,” mum Karen posted. (Above)

2. “Riding horses”

“My daughter drew a picture of her and I riding horses,” Facebook user Sarah wrote. (Above)

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3. Hand washing *coughs*


“This is upside down,” a mum named Tamara said of the drawing above, “and it’s actually how I first saw it… It’s meant to be a drawing of washing hands… My 7 yo drew it last year at school.”

4. The wooden spoon


“My daughter’s wooden spoon!” mum Ashlee posted. (Above)

5. “Snickering”

“My daughter’s wooden spoon!” mum Ashlee posted. (Above)

5. “Snickering”

“My girls were in the room snickering. I walk in to see what they were doing and they said they were playing a guessing game … They had seen me recently in the shower,” Facebook user Ashley commented, sharing the delightful drawing above.

6. Mum life

“My 5yr olds picture of me is scarily accurate,” mum Jo wrote on Facebook, sharing the brilliant portrait above.

7. Carrying two drinks … 

“My daughter drew her dad and me. Apparently I’m carrying a drink for us both,” Kay-Leah wrote.

8. Thumbs up


“My Mother’s day mug,” Facebook user Chelsea posted alongside the above image. “These are thumbs up! And she was trying to be inclusive.”

9. Evil Ms Peters


“This is something my daughter turned into her teacher this year… without us knowing,” Leah wrote. “I’m sure the teacher was thrilled.”

10. Chinny chin chins

Nikki on Facebook explains the above drawing thus …

“A brief conversation with my kid…

Wyatt: Hey mummy, I drew a picture of you.
Me: What’s that? (pointing to lines on neck)
Wyatt: They’re your chins.
Me: Right. Thanks. What’s that curly black line there?
Wyatt: Oh that’s your rogue chin hair.
Me: ??”

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