Veronica Milsom and Matt Baseley: Bonds baby competition, snot, emojis and more

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Triple J host and comedian Veronica Milsom and Sydney Weekender’s Matt Baseley are the wise and knowledgeable paragons of parenting in this hysterical (no bias) episode of The Parent Panel.

Guided, as ever, by host Shevonne Hunt, the panel takes on the news of the week for parents and deviates into stories about snot, blackheads, and tinder for babies.

The four topics in this episode (which are definitely not deviated from as this is the most professional and serious podcast about parenting that has ever existed) are;

  • Baby names as personal brands;
  • A mother-in-law who may have gone “too far”;
  • The Bonds baby competition shutdown; and
  • What new emoji needs to be made for parents

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Baby names

According to an article from the ABC, parents are choosing baby’s names to give them a more unique identity. Unlike generations past, where popular names were so common there could be three Daniels in one class, parents today want a name no one else has. The article even suggests that some parents choose the name based on how it will appear on social media (once the child has their own account) or how it will look when they apply for a job.

Grandparents and boundaries

Speaking of names. A mum wrote to a parenting column complaining about her mother-in-law. Now this wasn’t your everyday parenting grumble. Oh hoo boy no. Apparently while the new mum was asleep after a caesarean, her mother-in-law convinced her son to change the spelling of the new bub’s middle name on the birth certificate … from Finley with an “e” to Finlay with an “a”. 

Now not all in-laws are created equal, and creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with them is important. Do you think it’s fair that the mother was outraged, or is this a storm in a teacup?

Bonds. Baby Bonds

Bonds Baby Search has shut down its People’s Choice award online, due to the trolling of babies by grown adults. The annual competition will now draw winners daily, picked randomly by Bonds staff members. Apparently the aim now is to make the competition more inclusive and kind. This year you can even enter your fur baby. Can a competition for babies with winners and prizes really be kind?

Parenting emojis

Writer Darren Levin wrote that he has a few parenting emojis he’d like to add to the new slew to be released by Unicode in April. He suggests there should be a nappy emoji for when you’ve run out and you want your partner to pick up some more. Or perhaps one indicating extreme sleep deprivation. What parenting emoji would you add in the release in April? 

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