Debate swirls over whether George and Louis look alike in cute photos

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Royal fan accounts exist in their thousands on Instagram but one particular profile which compares side-by-side photos of the royal family has captured the internet’s attention recently.

Do they look alike?

The Love Princess Diana account posted a shot of Prince Louis and Prince George side-by-side, inviting followers to share their views on whether the wee brothers look alike.

Responses were varied and passionate … and even funny as royal watchers weighed in and responded. This proves yet again that everyone sees things in their own unique way, and everyone is sure their opinion is best!

“I definitely see it in the eyes!” one follower posted.

“You can definitely tell they are brothers most definitely,” another royal fan wrote.

“They both look like their mother Kate,” someone else asserted.

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Do you think are they look alike?

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Yeah, nah

But most people thought that these little boys were very much their own people.

“I think Louis is way more like Catherine,” one Instagrammer commented.

“Louis looks like Danny Devito,” someone decided. Kind of accurately.

“No the one on the right looks a right little bruiser,” another follower wrote. The one on the right? That would be His Royal Highness Prince Louis, sir. How very dare you?

“George looks like his dad and Louis looks like his mum,” someone else decided and we think that’s accurate too.

“The eyes are different … but you can sure tell they are brothers,” came another response. Which we think is also spot on.

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Same, same but different

A month or so later the very same Instagrammer posted the triple-decker royal photo below. It’s incredible how similar and yet different the little princess and princes look, isn’t it?!

They most certainly share an expression, but the rest varies pretty wildly, don’t you think?

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They look alike to each others ?siblings ❤

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Siblings ?❤

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Not gonna lie, we love these discussions – and love getting some insight into how differently we all see the same things.


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