If little boys wee all over your bathroom this product is a godsend

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If you’re fed up with a pee-covered bathroom floor, then maybe you need this slightly bonkers red light to help your little one better aim to please?

A toilet target

Having a little trouble keeping things nice in your family’s bathroom? Tired of the smell of pee wafting up the hall? Or perhaps you’re keen to spice up toilet training with a sci-fi themed incentive. The Hacy Toilet Training Light is here to save the day!

We’re not gonna lie it IS kind of like having a laser beam in your bathroom. Yup. Thus the boys in your life can adventure forth, perhaps imaging that they’re peeing under a light sabre as they enjoy a glowing red toilet bowl and ditch the compelling urge to wee on the floor for good.

Even though it looks a bit laser beam like, it’s really not. It’s actually just a long lasting, low voltage LED light.

Helpfully this light is motion-activated so there’s no messing about with switches to turn the light on. Because it’s not anywhere near the actual toilet it’s super safe and stays nice and clean (and wee-free!)

The Hacy folk say they chose a red light because it’s easy for eyes to adjust to at night time and indeed it throws enough light to double as a sort of bathroom night light too.

Find out more about the Hacy Toilet Training Light at Amazon.

 Hacy Toilet Light

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