Trash talk: Why do kids have such an obsession with garbage trucks?

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Do you have a child who is simply obsessed with watching the rubbish get collected each week? Well you’re not alone! My son loved the garbage trucks so much I decided to write a book about it and turns out there are a LOT of parents out there who can relate.

Here’s why little ones find garbage trucks so endlessly fascinating:

Bin talking trash

Most young children – especially boys – are into cars and machines, but the garbage truck is that extra bit special. It’s big, noisy, has robot arms like a Transformer, comes every week at the same time, and munches up all your stinky rubbish. What’s not to love?!

Personally, I’d never given garbage trucks a second thought until I had kids (other than when I’d forgotten to put the bins out). Even from a young age, my eldest son Winston was enthralled when it rumbled by each week and soon rubbish day was the highlight of the week. He would stand by the window waiting and waiting for the garbos to come by, and then leap with excitement when they did.

I’d always thought this would make a children’s book and could help spark conversations about waste and recycling, and so wrote down a story. Which is how my picture book The Garbage Trucks Are Coming Today! , a story about Winston (who is now 10), and his love of the bin trucks, was published earlier this year during COVID-19 lockdown.

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What a load of rubbish

Who could have predicted that a global pandemic would happen, meaning garbage truck day was even more of a weekly highlight for little ones stuck at home? Even adults discovered a newfound love for rubbish and jumped on board the craze of getting dressed up to take the bins out!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction to my story from little ones and their parents and grandparents, with many reaching out to me personally to tell me stories about the young garbage truck fan in their life and how much they love the book.

It just goes to show that Winston and his younger brothers aren’t alone in their fascination with the rubbish collection. There’s even a new animated series called Trash Truck on Netflix that I’m sure is going to be a big hit too!

Wheelie good

I love that children can get so much joy out of simple things. It’s a great reminder for us all to look around and appreciate what’s right in front of us. Especially in these recent troubling times.

Guess there’s never BIN a better time to celebrate the good old garbage trucks!  

The Garbage Trucks Are Coming Today! is published by New Holland Publishers and available now online and at all good book stores. A portion of all sales goes to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. And if you want to get creative with your little garbage truck fan you can also download a free colouring-in sheet here.


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