14 signs your tot has become a ‘threenager’

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Everyone references the ‘terrible twos’ but if you are living with three-year-old who acts like she’s going on 13, then you’ll know having a ‘threenager’ in the house is much, much more testing.

Threenagers are full of sass, attitude and like to wear the pants (preferably under a tutu with a pair of gumboots).

But threenagers are also all kinds of amazing. As exasperating as her independence asserting is, it’s also rather remarkable to watch. She’s growing up.

If you recognise these traits in your little one, then chances are she’s become a threenager.

1. You live in fear of giving her the 'wrong' thing

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You know you will pay if you accidentally cut her Vegemite sandwich into triangles instead of squares. Same goes with giving her the blue cup, because really, you should have KNOWN she had to have the red one!


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