Amy Schumer hilariously claps back at critics – by flashing her c-section scar

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A few days ago we told you about Amy Schumer’s brilliant celebration of those very large, very comfy hospital underpants. 

I like big pants and I cannot lie

While most people loved Amy’s homage to big pants, some people lashed out at her and told her to get her act together, brush her hair, put on some clean clothes and get on with it. 

Let it be clear that we don’t advocate this mean attitude and are really loving Amy’s refreshing depiction of those first weeks of life with newborn baby Gene.

But we are not surprised that some people aren’t because a) it’s the internet and b) some people need to channel their own bitterness into others so they don’t have to look at their own life. #sigh

That said, Ms Amy Schumer was shaking the criticism off like the pro she is. Better still, she fired back at the trolls by escalating her ‘new mum truth’ type posts.

Sorry not sorry

She shared a photo of herself taking a gentle walk in activewear. And then another of her shifting her waistband to reveal her fresh c-section scar and those giant undies (again!)

“I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding,” Amy captioned the pair of pics, addressing the critics directly. #snort

Lots of Amy fans piped up in the comments to thank her for being so candid about her postpartum experience (and congratulating her on firing back at the trolls).

“What I love most about your posts is your realness,” one wrote. “Hospital underwear and all!! Thanks for the smiles.”

“I don’t think you realise exactly how strong of a role model you are,” another commented. “Thank you for existing – you give me and so many others so much courage. Keep doing you; for us.”

“I would actually like MORE hospital underwear pics please,” someone quipped.

“Sitting here in my diaper reading this,” a brand new mum posted. “When the nurse brought me to the bathroom after the delivery Sunday and brought out the underwear, I exclaimed ‘Like Amy Schumer!!’ You demystified that portion of this crazy process for me!”

In the Instagram age where many mums feel the pressure to pop up online looking perfectly groomed in the hours after a baby’s birth, Amy’s a brilliant reminder that you can take or leave bowing to that pressure.


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