Amy Schumer shares emotional tribute to hospital undies

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Amy Schumer is one of our very favourite new mums, navigating the early days without the perfect parent filter, but with a truckload of authentic and heartfelt feels.

Up close and personal

Amy and her hubby Chris Fischer welcomed their first kiddo on 6 May. The little boy, who they have named Gene, arrived and Amy’s hyperemesis gravidarum promptly left the building. Thank. Bloody. Goodness.

Since then, Amy’s been relishing her new mum role and showing candid glimpses of what having a newborn is really like. Zero filter. No perfection push. All brilliance.

Her latest update is a sort of tribute to the giant underpants that make life much more comfortable after childbirth, as well as neatly housing the various sanitary products that keep things a little tidier.

“5 weeks,” Amy captioned a couple of photos of her undie-clad self on Instagram. “Hospital underwear for life!”

Granted, most new mums probably haven’t strolled along the roadside pushing their pram wearing giant undies. But who knows, perhaps they’ve wanted to – and now Amy’s living that dream.

A second photo shows Amy snuggled up with Gene as they both recover from the whole hatching humans situation.

“You’re doing amazing”

Amy’s followers were stoked to receive a new update about life with Gene – and loved hospital underpants too.

“Thanks for being so raw and vulnerable about the realities of postpartum life,” one wrote. “There is so much pressure placed on new moms to ‘bounce back’ and it’s not real life. You’re doing amazing and you’re amazing and those hospital undies are COMFYYYYY!”

“Oh my goddess,” another follower posted. “You are a true inspiration! My one and only child is 27, but if I were to do it again I would follow your cue.”

“So, so brave,” someone else applauded. “More celebs should celebrate the reality of motherhood, not the BS airbrushed version!”

“Brush your hair”

But not everyone was loving this refreshingly candid depiction of new parenthood.

“I’m sorry but I think your (sic) taking this whole ‘natural’ thing to an extreme,” someone sniped. “Brush your hair and put some decent clothing on. Childbirth is a great thing but you don’t have to let yourself go in return.”

“She is showing the things that woman go through in this very normal stage,” one of many Amy supporters shot back. “It normalizes it and allows women to give themselves a break. We’re judged enough. Give yourself a break too.”

Hear! Hear!


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