The kids’ TV show terrifying parents: “Bet my daughter will love it, sigh”

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Watch out … there’s a new freaky kids’ show about! Well, freaky according to some parents, anyway.

Moon & Me

Made by the same people who came up with In The Night Garden, Moon & Me jumped onto small screens this week courtesy of ABC Kids, and surprisingly – not all parents are big fans.

The show’s main character, Pepi Nana, is a doll that comes to life when her owner is asleep and talks to the Moon Baby. But she isn’t the only toy that comes to life: all the other toys in the Toy House do, too! (Chucky, eat your heart out.) This, along with the eerie music that is played throughout the episodes, is unsettling parents across Australia.

“The previews for this scared me”

The trailer was recently shared on the ABC for Kids Facebook page and evidently, the show has stirred up some big emotions for parents. 

“Trust in the night garden ppl to make up something that will give me nightmares … bet my daughter will love it sigh,” one parent commented. 

“This looks creepily terrifying. I’m sure my daughter will love it though,” another added.

Another parent wrote, “The previews for this scared me. Could the creators please stop taking acid now. Thanks.”

“This is how children see the world”

When a mother commented that her children were scared of the previews, indicating that it had to do with the eyes of the characters, another Dad piped in with an explanation that probably isn’t too far from the truth. 

“This is how children see the world. No wonder they give us blank stares when we ask them where they left their shoes,” he said. 

Moon & Me Characters

“The characters are adorable”

For the most part, though, the feedback for the show has been very positive from its target audience – children.

“My three year old has seen the ads, and she wants to watch it NOW! This is my child who is terrified of Mister Maker,” one parent commented.

“I watched Moon and Me today with my 3yr old son. We both loved the show. The characters are adorable. It’s good to know In the night garden will be on the weekends,” another added.

Maybe children like TV shows that are a little left of centre? Perhaps this makes them appealing? Either way, despite many parents having strong opinions about the show, it seems to be a hit amongst children.

Tune in on Mondays at 12:15pm to check out Moon & Me… if you dare!


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