People are loving this three-year-old’s horror-themed birthday party

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Birthday parties are arguably the most fun, anticipated and exciting event on a child’s annual calendar. And as parents, we want to ensure their big day is as special and memorable as possible.

Forget fairies and princesses

But for one particular little girl, adding a touch of sinister horror to her special day was a must-have on her birthday wish list.

Toddler, Lucia Brown, caused a stir on the web after her cousin posted some pics of the three-year-old’s rather bizarre costume choice.

What about Rapunzel?

Forget fairies and princesses, daring little Lucia Brown drew inspiration from a 2018 horror film, The Nun, dressing as Valak, a spirit.

Mum, Laura, told People magazine that she desperately tried to steer her daughter’s outfit choice to the more demure fairytale character, Rapunzel, but the determined toddler insisted on dressing as her favourite scary movie character, also requesting her guests join her in adding some horror to her birthday bash.

Donned in a nun costume and demonic-looking face paint, featuring black and white circles around her eyes, Lucia has quickly become an internet sensation – the viral post has been retweeted more than 138,000 times, so far.

“Equal parts scared and delighted”

Comments from amused, bewildered and some rather spooked internet users came in thick and fast. 

One Twitter fan wrote: “I’m equal parts scared and delighted tbh.” While another warned, “Hide the kitchen knives too.”

Other Tweeters jokingly cautioned her parents to “sleep with one eye open”. But the majority of people thought her bold, brave and unique costume was nothing short of fabulous.

“Your niece has a bright future. This makeup is on point,” someone wrote.

“That child will rule the world one day and I, for one, welcome our new gothic overlord,” another added.

While mum, Laura, wasn’t initially sold on her daughter’s morbid attire, she took it all in good humour and was ultimately pleased to see her daughter happy on her special day.

And who could argue with that?


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