Less toys, more adventure! How you can help save the planet, one gift at a time

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Have you hit the point yet where your kids just have TOO MANY TOYS? If you haven’t, we’re willing to bet that you will sooner than you can imagine.

As our kids get older (and our brood gets bigger) most parents become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ their kids accumulate – just how often they actually use that stuff is often a mystery, but it is all very precious and can’t possibly be given (or thrown) away.

As we become a more eco-conscious society, many parents are also very conscious of adding more plastics and non-biodegradable junk to landfill.

So when a birthday is looming and the prospect of gathering even more toys (that will likely be ignored after a few days) is just too much, why not think outside the gift box?

Wildlings kids gifting site

Wildlings to the rescue!

Brand new kids gifting website, Wildlings, gives you the chance to do just that. Offering fun experiences, lessons and activities rather than toys, sorting the perfect waste-free birthday pressie is as simple as purchasing a voucher online.

Wildlings is the brainchild of Sydney mum of two, Ashleigh Lieberman, and her main mission is to keep plastic toys out of landfill.

“Wildlings is the solution to one of my greatest frustrations as a mother,” Ashley says. “Regardless of how many times I requested ‘no plastic toys’ on birthdays and Christmas, my doting family couldn’t help themselves as they so badly wanted to see my children’s faces light up when they unwrapped a present under the Christmas tree.

“As beautiful as this is, it’s at the peril of our beautiful planet and my own grand babies’ future. We cannot continue to fill holes in our earth with plastic toys that bring such fleeting happiness.

“However, I found there was no convenient place to send my relatives to buy these types of experiences which was frustrating. I thought other mums must feel the same, so Wildlings was born.”

How it works

Simply pop in your postcode and browse their website for nearby experiences and classes. Then select the experience you’d like to gift to the lucky kid in your life. Once your experience is purchased you will be immediately provided with a beautifully designed and colourful voucher that can be emailed to you to print out, or emailed straight to the gift recipient.

Wildlings also offer gift cards so kids can choose their own adventure!

More adventures, less toys!

We love that this idea solves so many problems for parents at once. Eco-friendly? Tick! Less clutter? Tick! Something that kids actually want and will cherish as a great memory, always? Tick!

There’s a huge range of fun experiences to suit kids of all ages and all personalities, including craft or yoga classes, art, dance or music lessons, swim lessons, virtual classes and even ‘virtual’ online character playdates and parties!


And this is just the tip of the iceberg, with new activities and experiences being added every day.

Despite only launching last week, Wildlings already has lots of experiences to choose from – however, they are mostly limited to metro areas for now. This shouldn’t stop families in regional areas from purchasing a fun experience though – with vouchers valid for 3 years, why not plan a school holiday trip to the city to enjoy some sightseeing along with your special experience?

Jump on to Wildlings now to find a fantastic gift for your little adventurers!


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