Chris Hemsworth’s first job was cleaning breast pumps at age 14

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Look. We’re as surprised as you are. And it’s good to note that if you rented a breast pump in the late ’90s in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, chances are it was cleaned by a teenage boy who went on to become Thor.

Wait, what?

If your brain is exploding at the moment, we get it. Let us explain the facts.

Although dad-of-three and Thor star Chris Hemsworth now lives in Byron Bay with wife Elsa Pataky, he actually went to high school at Heathmont College which is in Melbourne’s much cooler eastern suburbs.

Chris has opened up a little more about this time in his life, doing so as he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show to play a game of True Confessions. The idea of the game is that the players share a truth or a lie and the other players have to work out which it is.

Chris’s surprising assertion was that he cleaned breast pumps for pocket money when he was 14 and still in high school. 

This assertion is 100 percent true. According to Chris.

Can you buy them on eBay?

Chris explained that he worked for a pharmacy that hired out breast pumps back in the day. Mums would return the breast pumps at the end of the hire period and Chris was charged with doing minor repairs and cleaning the pumps so they could be rented out again.

He noted that he cleaned the pumps with a toothbrush and a bit of Spray ‘n’ Wipe. Apparently, he sterilised them too, in case you were worried about that.

“Do the women who use these breast pumps know that Chris Hemsworth cleaned them?” comedian Kumail Nanjiani asked. “Can you buy them on eBay?”

Mr Fix-it

Turns out this is not the first time Chris has spoken about his breast pump handiwork.

“I had to clean, and assemble, and repair breast pumps that were rented to pharmacies,” Chris told Jay Leno back in 2012, discussing his early years and the weird jobs he’s had.

“The machine would come in covered in dried milk, and I’d be there with a toothbrush, scrubbing ‘em up and cleaning. And then the fan belt would break, so I’d pull it apart and repair it and check if they were working again.”

So handy, no?!


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