Paparazzi relentlessly stalk Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth’s kids

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Last week Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky delighted fans with their canteen duty pop-up at a Byron Bay school. This week? Elsa’s revealing a little more about raising babies alongside Chris – and the challenges this throws out.

The life of Elsa

As you probably know, actor Elsa Pataky is married to Thor star Chris Hemsworth. The couple are parents to seven-year-old India Rose and five-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha.

Elsa was a giant star in her own right in Spain before she popped up in Hollywood’s Fast & Furious franchise. A film dialect coach they both worked with introduced them, and the pair married in Indonesia after a speedy ten-month romance.

Very quickly Elsa fell pregnant with the pair’s first child. The couple made the move from LA to Byron Bay in 2014 in the search for privacy and a more “normal” upbringing for their small children.

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We become incredibly angry

Elsa just spoke to Harper’s Bazaar for a cover story, noting life in Byron Bay is exactly what this mum-of-three dreamt of … with the exception of photographers who constantly stalk her and her family and threaten their much hoped for privacy.

Elsa says that – surprisingly – the paparazzi are not as aggressive in the US and even face some restrictions there. In Australia however, they’ve become more and more persistent in their quest to photograph the pair. 

“Chris and I lead public lives,” she reasoned. “But we become incredibly angry when they take photos of our kids. That’s not cool to make them known. And then people point at them in the street as they recognise them.”

“In LA it’s better now and there are places photographers can’t go, and in Spain, they will block out [children’s] faces. I wish it was better here.”

Back in 2017, Elsa told that Australian photographers mostly stayed out of their faces, but it seems that as the couple’s profile has grown, so has the thirst for photos.

Elsa’s dream

That said, she realises that she’s landed in an idyllic spot, and the circumstances seem pretty peachy too, with Harper’s noting that “Hemsworth’s 2018 paychecks alone reportedly totalled $64.5 million.”

The pair are building a giant home in the coastal town, with tabloids persistently tracking the conspicuous build’s progress and comparing it to a shopping centre. That’s the opposite of what the couple are going for, however, according to Elsa.

“This place makes you enjoy life and let go of ambition and ego,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “My dream was to be immersed in nature and surrounded by animals. And that’s definitely what I’ve got here.”

The juggle is real

There are downsides to this nature-filled life, however. The parenting-career juggle is tricky at times, especially now that she lives so far from the hub of film in LA.

“I wanted to be a mum so badly,” Elsa told HB, “but I also wanted to be an actress and go for it. Before kids, I was certain I would keep working and do both.”

The reality has proven different, with Elsa now keen to only choose the best and most flexible projects to work on. She says she still struggles with feelings of insecurity around her identity.

“I went through a period when I was totally lost,” she said. “I felt I had given up on that dream, but I just couldn’t continue on that same path. There are moments you think everything is fine. But then you also worry that people—your husband—will look at you and think, You’re just a mum!” 


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