Chris Hemsworth opens up about his marriage: “We tend to butt heads”

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Chris Hemsworth’s launching a brand new movie at the mo (Men in Black International) which means he’s being trotted out on the publicity circuit talking aliens, racing cars … and married life.

Balance is the challenge

Chris just spoke to media from Bali while his wife, actor Elsa Pataky, was squirrelled away with the couple’s children in Byron Bay. The pair are mum and dad to a seven-year-old daughter named India Rose and five-year-old twin boys, Tristan and Sasha.

When asked about his marriage and how it works amidst all the career hustle, Chris admitted the juggle of multi-million dollar movie roles and family life was not an easy one.

“The challenge is always trying to find the balance of working and being with family,” Chris told “I think that goes for anyone in this type of business that moves this much and travels this much.”

Quizzed on the dynamics of his marriage to Elsa, Chris says they’re both pretty feisty … but somehow it works.

“I can be pretty damn stubborn, so can she, which is probably where we tend to butt heads occasionally. But we’ve done pretty well to still be trucking along quite nicely, all things considered. We both have strong opinions and also both have a great amount of enthusiasm for what we believe in.”


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Byron is where the heart is

The couple are currently enthusiastically embroiled in a giant project together – renovating a home in Byron Bay. The structure is expansive and has been compared to a shopping centre by locals – and the renos have been going on for what seems like a couple of years.

“I think the vast majority of divorces happen during the process of building a house, so I’m thankful we’ve survived that,” Chris told

They’ve more than survived, it would seem. They’ve thrived.

“My dream was to be immersed in nature and surrounded by animals. And that’s definitely what I’ve got here,” Elsa recently told Harper’s Bazaar. 

And as Harper’s also noted – “Hemsworth’s 2018 paychecks alone reportedly totalled $64.5 million” so that’s gotta be pretty dreamy too, right?!


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