Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s boozy jump rope session is #parentgoals

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Just when we thought actor Chris Hemsworth and model Elsa Pataky couldn’t get any cuter in the mum and dad/couple department, they post this video of a very flamboyant and slightly boozy beachside jump rope session.

“Jump! Jump! Jump!”

This clip has it all, combining attractive celebrities, cute kids, a lovely location and the kind of fancy moves rarely seen in the playground. Couple all that with the fact that Elsa Patacky is holding a giant glass of wine while she turns the rope and chants “jump, jump, jump” and it’s fair to say that We. Are. Dead. #snort

Elsa and Chris have three kids together – a five-year-old daughter named India and three-year-old twin boys, Sasha and Tristan.

“It’s a true art and an original style I’ve developed, years of dedication #skippingworldchamps,” Chris posted alongside the funny and jumpy clip.

Elsa wins!

While Chris seems to think he’s the star of the show (which we get, because goofy and shirtless tricks) we reckon Elsa is the actual hero in the whole scene. If it had been us turning and holding and chanting, we’d have been swishing that sauvignon blanc all down our fronts and foreshadowing some sort of too-much-multitasking medical meltdown.

It’s probable that this skilful mum of three very active kiddos has honed her skills in the trenches and can now drink wine underwater, while performing a synchronised swimming routine, while looking effortlessly gorgeous.  V. inspiring.

“My little surf coach”

Chris also posted the above clip of himself surfing with young India, and we practically had kittens because it’s just so gosh darned … sporty.

Another gun show of a photo showed India and Chris waiting for the perfect wave, as the family holidayed together somewhere lovely on the Australian coast.

“On the hunt for some barrels with my little surf coach,” Chris explained.

“Ohhh hot damnnn!!! I think I just fell pregnant!” one wholesome prankster responded.

You’re welcome.


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