8 super fun preschool activities to try on a rainy day

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If rain’s besieging your part of the world and you and your preschooler (or toddler!) are all out of activity inspiration, then we’re here to save the day.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of fun and educational things to do when wet weather has you housebound.

8 fun preschool activities to try on a rainy day

1. Sticky balloon wall

Who knew some contact paper and balloons could create such a fun activity? This clever project is by Hello Wonderful and will delight your preschooler and provide hours of fun.

2. A sticky rainbow window

This genius sticky activity will keep little ones busy, spark chatter about rainy days, teach sorting and colours … and a whole lot more! It’s by Crafty Morning and you can find the how-to over there.

3. Make a colour car park

This clever idea melds sorting, reading, colour play and more. You can find out more at Days With Grey, a blog written by a former teacher.

4. Pipe cleaner threading

Who knew that a packet of colourful pipe cleaners and a colander could become a very fun rainy day activity?! Hello Wonderful knew, that’s who! Find more about this fine-motor skill boosting activity over there.

5. Land or sea sorting activity

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Land and Sea Sort- another easy set up using our Flisat Table from Ikea. Again if you don’t have one don’t fret you don’t need the table to do this activity 😉 For the activity I lined each side with a play silk- a green earthy one for land and a blue one for sea. If you don’t have play skills you can use any item that you have to represent land and sea. #usewhatyouhave Some ideas: felt sheets, coloured paper, painted card, blocks, coloured bowls, or any other item that you come up with! I then placed a bunch of our animal figurines around the outside edge keeping to the theme of land and sea. That’s it. My little ones then came along and I explained to them what the different sides meant and then they began. They were able to sort them fairly quickly, to extend you could get them to name each animal as they place it on the correct side or use descriptive language to get them thinking beyond the sort (whatever you feel fits). #childledlearning Once complete you may find your little one disinterested and that’s fine essentially the task is complete. But if you are lucky, they’ll take that as an opportunity to continue and delve into the world of imaginative play 🤞🏻 Do you have any play idea requests? Is there something you want to see? Let me know 😊

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Collect all those little toy animals up and play a sorting game which talks about where they live. You could set up a table like Learning at Heart did or use coloured paper on your kitchen table to denote land and sea.

6. Super fun and fuzzy pompom drop

How cute is this? A few bits and bobs from the recycle bin or dollar shop become a cute course to run colourful little pompoms through. Find this activity at The Shared Nanny.

7. Make a felt board for your wall

This is hours and hours, perhaps months and months, of entertainment and you can update the theme every now and then too. Find out more about how this was made at 8FOOTSIX.

8. Paper cup construction

Grab some paper cups, plates and cupcake cases and let your child go to town … and build their own towns, castles, or whatever they fancy! This project is via The Craft Train.

We’ll be right back … we’re off to buy some pompoms!


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