Craft your carbs! 10 adorable pasta craft projects perfect for preschoolers

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The OG pasta craft project — the pasta necklace — has inspired a whole bunch of other cute DIYs made from the humble pasta shape.

Let us take you through some of our favourites, because everyone needs an excuse to have (even more) carbs in the house!

1. Pasta necklaces

Not exactly a tutorial, but some very gorgeous pasta necklace inspiration from La Maison De LouLou.

Pasta Necklaces

2. Pasta drawings

The delightful Picklebums came up with this cute and creative project and it could be a brilliant one to try with your kiddos!

Pasta drawings

3. Pasta puppets

A delightful daisy made from pasta shapes? We. Are. In. In fact, we’re even more in if it’s a puppet which this is. And if WE love it, chances are your wee preschool kiddo is going to love it too! Grab the how-to at Handmade Charlotte.

Pasta Puppet

4. Pasta rainbow mobile

Aw. You and your child can craft their own cloud and their own cute rainbow shower too! This project is by the clever folk at B-Inspired Mama.

Rainbow Mobile

5. Bow tie pasta bookmarks

Never lose the page in your child’s favourite bedtime storybook again because these cute bookmarks are here to save the day. Grab the full how-to at Cut Out and Keep.

Butterfly bookmark

6. Pasta flower cards

Look at these! Who wouldn’t want a preschooler version of this gorgeous crafty project to arrive in their mailbox or be thrust into their hands by an excited little person. They’re by Handmade Charlotte.

Pasta flower cards

7. Wiggly pasta shape sculptures

Gosh. How cute is this project. It’s super-freestyle, designed to encourage and nurture creative little minds and challenge creative little hands. Grab the how-to at Hello Wonderful.

Pasta sculptures

8. Pasta cat necklace

This takes the pasta necklace to a whole other level, but not so high that a wee kiddo can’t make it. You could tweak this design to create a bunny or a puppy or all kinds of other animals. The how-to is at PBS for Parents.

Cat pasta necklace

9. Pasta bracelets

These easy-to-make bracelets will look perfect around the tiny wrist of your favourite little person. Not only that, they’re super fun to put together. Find the how-to at Liz on Call.

Pasta Necklaces

10. Pasta and play dough play

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the very best and this cute activity/craft project is proof of that. It was drummed up by Taming Little Monsters.

Playdough and pasta



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