We trialled the new Bonds Wondercool suit and have fallen madly in love

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I am a new mum and therefore second guess almost everything. There’s no baby-related decision I can’t turn over a million times in my mind before landing one way or the other.

And dressing my baby is no different, especially at bed time.

Do the perfect baby PJs even exist?

I know that babies can’t regulate their temperature nor sweat as well as adults can, so getting my six-month-old Penelope ready for bed can feel like a high risk proposition. Knowing and feeling convinced that I’ve nailed the ratio of enough warmth to enough cool to enough comfort is hard work! Especially when the weather is extreme during the day. Will she be too hot? Or too cold? 

In fact, I have imagined myself in many onesies over the past six months. Would I be too cold in that? I feel a bit like Goldilocks trying to find the option that is just right.

Enter Bonds Wondercool Zip Wondersuit

So imagine my excitement when I was offered the chance to road-test the brand new Bonds Wondercool Zip Wondersuit. With its adaptive cooling fabric, it’s the only clothing approved by Red Nose for safer sleep, which gives it a big tick from me. And makes it just perfect for all my is-she-hot-is-she-cold back and forth pondering. 

Aside from her comfort and safety, of course, I worry that if she’s not at the perfect temperature, she just won’t sleep. And if there is one thing that mums want to know at all times is that we have our baby in the optimal sleep environment at all times. Because that will encourage more sleep, right?!

Bonds Wondercool suit Penelope review

I’m such a big fan of the Bonds Wondercool Zip Wondersuit for that reason – the fabric is so breathable and smart, in fact it imitates the skin’s natural bodily process of evaporative cooling. As the skin temperature heats up, the Wondercool technology activates to achieve cooling. And then when her body heat lowers and the level of sweat is reduced, the cooling effect of the fabric adapts and deactivates once cooling is complete. 

And this very clever little suit also features Air Cuffs which let me turn the arm and leg cuffs into little mittens and socks when I think she needs a bit of extra coverage, and then fold them back when she’s warm enough. 

Coupled with the usual Bonds suit feature of innovative two-way zips that make changing wriggling babies a breeze, I am now convinced the Bonds Wondercool Zip Wondersuit is all she ever needs. I’ll have it in ALL the colours please!

This is a sponsored post for Bonds.


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