Comfort plus cleavage: We tried Mamaway’s maternity bra and we love it

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My days as a stay-at-home mum with a four-year-old and a five-month-old are already demanding, so taking time out to shop for a reliable maternity bra is very low on my priority list. As well as the palaver of getting a baby and a preschooler to the shops, the whole rigamarole of trying to find a safe place to put my baby down and keep my four-year-old occupied while I try on bras in dressing rooms is not appealing at all!

So when I got the chance to road-test Mamaway’s Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra at home it was a breath of fresh air: It was delivered to my home with no excess packaging and I could try it on in comfort.

Like magic: It adjusts with your changing body

As I’m five months into breastfeeding my baby, my breasts seem to have stabilised in size (unlike the very early days where my breasts would alter even in the space of a morning due to milk supply), but they’re still fuller and emptier at different times of the day, and I found the seam-free, stretchy, soft fabric accommodated this. The bra also has four sets of hooks and eyes at the back instead of the usual three, which provided firm support around the underbust area so I felt well-supported, cushioned and cosy throughout the day, no matter which part of the breastfeeding cycle I was in. 

mamaway bra support

Bacteria-repellent fabric for the win

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have to sort the dirty laundry into different piles, I always prioritise the kids’ clothes to wash first — I guess it’s a mum reflex to make sure the kids’ needs are taken care of! Getting to my own clothes and finding a washbag for my bras can definitely be off-putting, but one of the things that gave me peace of mind is the Meryl Skinlife bacteria-repellent fabric – it means that means no bacteria can grow in the fabric.

Sewn in pads = no fuss

When it came to washing, it was clear that the Mamaway’s Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra is not one that has fussy details (I’m a maximum no-fuss mum) that will deteriorate over time and washes. The padding inside is sewn in, so no shifting around or losing the pads in the wash, and the sturdy nursing clips look like they’ll stand the test of time.

Easy-to-use clips

Speaking of nursing clips: I swear my baby developed a Pavlovian response to the sound of them opening and closing! She knew it meant milk was seconds away, and it often stopped a cry, or brought a huge smile to her sweet face. That the nursing clips are easy and quick to open and close with one hand, as I juggled my baby with the other, is actually essential. I’ve been really pleased with the ease that the Mamaway bra allows me do this and I’m sure my baby is too!

nursing clips mamaway bra


All day support PLUS cleavage

Ultimately, what I need in a maternity bra is day-long support. My DD breasts get tired like the rest of me and need to be supported. I found that just five days into its road-test, Mamaway’s Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra was still giving me the support I needed all day, AND is the only maternity bra I’ve worn that even offers cleavage! I feel supported and sexy, which is definitely a win in my books. 

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