10 activities to nurture a love of nature in your preschooler

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Getting out and about with your preschooler is important at any time of the year, not only because it’s important to keep your family active, but also because it keeps you in touch with the world outside of your house.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up ten great activities you can use as a focus for your outdoor adventures. 

10 nature activities perfect for preschoolers

1. A bug hotel

All the bugs in your neighbourhood will be busting to move into this swanky bug hotel. Find the project how-to at Red Ted Art.

Bug Hotel

2. Leaf threading

We love the way this activity encourages time outdoors and quiet time inside as well. It helps to hone those tricky threading skills and creates a pretty decoration the whole family can admire. Find this activity at Kids Craft Room.

Leaf Threading activity

3. DIY crafty insects

How cute is this concept? Use natural objects to make little sculptures of mini-beasts. This project idea is from Sarah Street. (Her Instagram is full of excellent activity ideas.)

Rock ants

4. One stop nest shop!

Be a bird buddy and help the birds in your neighbourhood hunker down for autumn and winter with this cute ‘nesting station’. You and your preschooler could use this idea to make your own, perhaps hanging a string bag from a tree or fence and filling it with useful nesting things. Find the one below at Daily Appetite.

Nesting station

5. Make nature boats

This classic and creative activity is a delight for preschoolers and parents alike. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the collecting and crafting of these little boats. Then, on top of all that, you get to float them in the bath or a local stream or lake! Find out more at Mother Natured.

Nature BoatsNature Boats

6. Nature walk scavenger hunt

Whip up this simple and fun activity with just a few everyday household objects and before you know it, you and your kiddo will be on a nature hunt together. This activity comes to us from I Can Teach My Child.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

7. Craft some stick people

How cute are these stick people?! Gasp! Get out and about with your little one to gather up the sticks, then head inside to add clothes, google-y eyes and other accessories. After that? Your child will enjoy hours of play with their new pals. Find out more at Red Ted Art.

Stick Family

8. Nature paintbrushes

These nature paintbrushes are so pretty to look at, but your child will love painting with them even more. Scout the park or garden for paintbrush bristles and then whip up your brushes and get painting! This project is by Mas and Pas

Nature paintbrushes

9. A sticky nature wall

This a very simple and clever idea, designed to hone your child’s observational skills and keep them busy in the garden. If you don’t have an outdoor space you could assemble this on the fridge door and go on a things-to-stick nature walk in your neighbourhood. This project is by Busy Toddler.

Sticky wall activity

10. A nature wall hanging

This project was made to be an advent calendar, but would be a lovely addition to any home. You can make a regular ritual of hunting for natural objects to attach to it, and your child will love looking at the treasures they bring home. This project is by Lightlovers’ Naomi Srilawong. 

Lightlovers Nature Advent


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