Easy and effective: We tried the Lansinoh Electric Breast Pump and we love it!

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Three years ago my husband and I moved to the UK, when we moved back last year we found out I was pregnant! It was a bit of a tough pregnancy, but now we have Lachie and that’s wonderful. He’s 14 weeks now, and as is the way for everyone, the routine is repetitive, but we go on little adventures and have lots of fun together.

A day in the life

Now my day starts at 5am. I breastfeed Lachie, hang out with him for about an hour and then wake my husband who takes Lachie out for a two-hour morning walk, which is amazing. Lachie doesn’t usually feed enough at this time, so I’ll pump after that feed.

Since I was sent the Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump to try, I’ve been using it every time I express milk. It’s very easy to put together and the parts are all easy to wash and clean – it’s a very self-explanatory pump to use. It copies Lachie’s feeding pattern by starting with short pumps to trigger the milk to flow and then it automatically switches to long pumps for the rest of the time. It’s adjustable and has five levels of suction which all work very seamlessly. Depending on how much milk I have at the time, I’ll change the level, so if I need a stronger suction I turn it up.

I feed Lachie when they come home from their walk, and we then have a bit of a play: we have tummy time, we read some stories and have a sing – he loves music.

sam and lachie breast pump review

It’s really hard to make myself nap during the day, but I try to nap during his morning nap too, or tidy the house, and at 1:30pm, I meet a girlfriend to go for a walk or a coffee, and give Lachie a feed while we’re out. He has a quick nap at about 3pm, we get home at 4pm and he goes down again at 5pm. My husband comes home at about 5:30-6 – I try to have dinner ready if it’s a good day, if it’s not – he has to cook! It all just depends on how the day went.

At 7:30pm we wake Lachie up for a bit of a play, and at 8:30pm we put Lachie to bed. Generally I’ll pump both sides again before I go to bed.

mum and baby breast pump review

Breast and bottle

We’ve been working on adjusting Lachie to feeding from the bottle as well as the breast – I try to feed him first thing in the morning with the bottle to see if it works when he’s hungry, and at the night time feed too. Right now, we’re still getting adjusted and it’s touch and go as to whether he’ll take it.

The pump I was using previously was a little too loud but the Lansinoh Electric Breast Pump has a pleasant, low volume, and you can see the mechanism go up and down when you’re using it, which is kind of entertaining when you’re pumping in the middle of the night! I also don’t have to pay a lot of attention to it: when it’s on the boob it’s very comfortable, it makes a seal so there’s no wasted milk.

lansinoh electric breast pump review

It’s also just a really aesthetically pleasing product. When you turn it on, the lights come on, and the colours are nice to look at, which is an added bonus.

It’s really compact, and it would be good to have a small case to pop it in for leaving the house, but overall, I love it. Right now I use it to pump about 30-50 mls at a time, which is not a lot, but once Lachie gets used to the bottle, I’ll pump a lot more.

When you’re breastfeeding, you have to be there at all times for the feeds, but the end game is for Lachie’s dad to be able to give him some of his feeds too! My sister is pregnant, and some of my friends are having babies, and I’ve recommended this pump to them too, it’s a nice looking pump, and just really easy to use.

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