Mum-of-three Blake Lively shares her favourite baby products

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Blake Lively recently welcomed her third child and now the notoriously private mum is delighting fans with some more intimate details of her family’s life together.

Blake’s baby must-haves

Blake’s partnered with Amazon (like her fellow celeb mum Lauren Conrad) to reveal the baby products that make her gang’s busy days a little easier.

She notes that she’s had her own Amazon registry running for ages and that she’s added all her parent friends’ favourite products to her wishlist as well.

“It’s an easy way for me to reorder all our basics, and it’s also a great way to share my ‘must-have’ list with my friends, as they did with me when I needed it,” Blake told People magazine. “The baby registry is a community tool for me more than anything else.” 

Lucky for us she’s keen to share those favourite baby things with other mums and dads.

Sleep when I’m dead

Blake says that while she’s fully embraced a sleep debt as a way of life, there are some products that make things a little easier.

“I plan to get lots of sleep when I’m dead,” she joked noting that, “sound machines with white noise on low” have proved helpful when it comes to getting her kids to doze off.

She also recommends a baby monitor with an inbuilt projector for quieter nights.

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It’s easy being green

Blake explained that making choices that are kind to the environment is top-of-mind when she shops for her kids too.

“I thought carrying around my own cups and bowls, etc would make my life more hectic,” she explained.

“I was wrong. Not only did it organise and simplify everything I need for my babies and myself, but most significantly, it helps to teach my kids DAILY the importance of being thoughtful about our choices.”

“They appreciate seeing easy ways they can participate in protecting our planet and their future. We don’t go anywhere without these pieces now.”

There are some of those very cups and bowls on Blake’s list, along with some bottles and other feeding tools.

“Never too old to learn”

While strollers, car seats, nappies and the like all feature on her registry list, Blake’s also included a bunch of books that are particularly important to her.

“I read an article with an incredible list of kids books that have representation and help to show children many different experiences and perspectives,” she said.

“I was so excited that I went on Amazon and ordered every book on the list. This is just a small selection.

“It’s been fulfilling for me as well because I didn’t grow up with these books so I’m getting to read them and learn along with my children. We are never too old to learn.”

And you’re never too old to play, it would seem, because Blake says she loves nothing better than “just sitting and telling stories together, drawing, building forts, dancing, picking up trash to protect their imaginary dolphin. All sounds cheesy, but it’s those simple moments I appreciate most.”

Not every Amazon product Blake recommends is aimed at kids.

“My oldest child LOVES Aviation Gin, but he’s 42,” she told People, cheekily slipping in a recommendation from her husband Ryan Reynolds.

The pair are parents to a (possibly) two-month-old baby as well as two-year-old Inez and four-year-old James. It’s fair to say that gin softens that multi-kiddo situation nicely. (Especially when you own the gin company!)

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Mum life with Blake

What else was on Blake’s baby wishlist? Heaps of things!

Here are some of the highlights:



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