Beck Feiner and Gary Eck: Public shaming, selective parenting and cheap thrills

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Illustrator and graphic designer Beck Feiner joins comedian Gary Eck to dissect the news and events of the week through the lens of parenting.

On this episode they discuss:

  • Following on from Roxy Jacenko publicly shaming the poo jogger, when have you done something similar to your kids?
  • What parenting duties do you pretend to do badly so the other parent will pick up the slack?
  • What are the pros and cons of parenting with a big age gap between parents?
  • What is the cheapest thrill you’ve been able to give your kids?

Listen to Beck Feiner and Gary Eck on The Parent Panel:

When have you publicly shamed your child?  

This week publicist Roxy Jacenko posted video footage of a jogger pooing in front of her workplace.

The act was captured on the many security cameras around her work.

By posting the images on her Instagram account, Roxy has spectacularly shamed the jogger.

She’s now taken the images down, with some people saying that perhaps the jogger deserves our sympathy (maybe she has chron’s disease or a similar bowel complaint). 

Parents are often guilty of sharenting, or wearing Speedos with a T-shirt and thongs.

When have you publicly shamed your child? Was it intentional? Justified?  

How old is too old when it comes to age differences and having a family? 

A Victorian Magistrate in his 60s has created waves after proposing to a court clerk in her 20s.

Ashleigh Petrie has splashed their happy news all over social media, but there has been backlash with some commenting that there is a power imbalance within the couple. But love is love, isn’t it?  

Does the age difference matter when it comes to having a family? Where can you see a big age gap being positive, and what are the potential drawbacks? 

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When do you ‘selectively’ parent? 

Some people will pretend not to be able to iron, cook or fix cars, knowing that their other half will pick up the slack. Parenting can be similar, whether it’s fixing a broken toy or de-licing the kids’ hair.

What part of parenting do you (or did you) palm off to your other half?  

Your kid’s greatest thrill (at the least cost) 

Presenter Shevonne Hunt’s son recently asked her if he could have her key ring after she dies (it’s a pretty cool key ring, see below). 

It’s a fairly cost-effective thing to leave your child in your will.

What is the biggest thrill your children get that costs peanuts? (and they’re not quite aware how ordinary it actually is)? 


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