Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s little girl cutely reacts to their latest pregnancy

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A delighted Hilaria and Alec Baldwin revealed their pregnancy earlier this month, and it seems they’re not the only ones who are thrilled!

“So sweet”

In a video shared by Hilaria on Instagram recently, the couple’s daughter Carmen is beside herself with excitement too.

Captioning the video for context, Hilaria explained – “I recorded this to send to Alec when I told Carmen I was pregnant. Her reaction is so sweet that I wanted to share with you.”

The clip shows the mum-of-four revealing her pregnancy news to six-year-old Carmen.

“We’re gonna have another baby,” Hilaria says, squatting down to be eye level with her little girl.

“You are? Are you pregnant?” the little girl asks hopefully.

When her mum confirms this big news, she asks if it’s twins Hilaria says “no, it’s just one.”

Carmen then ventures … “Is it a girl?”

“I don’t know yet,” her mum says. “Gonna find out in a few weeks … Are you excited?”

“Yeah!” Carmen says, hugging her giggling mum tightly and giving her a big kiss on the cheek.

(Scroll down a little to watch!)

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The parents

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“Too many brothers”

It’s been widely reported that Carmen would love a baby sister, and has been lobbying for quite some time.

“I think that’s the last baby we’re gonna have . . . if it’s a girl, that’d be a relief!” Carmen declares.

“If it’s another boy?” Hilaria asks.

Carmen looks straight into her mum’s phone and whispers, “Too many brothers!”

“Pure and precious”

Responses to this cute video confirmed it was indeed CUTE!

“I’m dead. She is the sweetest little thing!!!” actor and comedian Mindy Kaling posted.

“Oh my goodness how absolutely pure and precious. I especially love her honest comment ‘Too many brothers!’,” another follower commented.
“What a sweet little soul she is,” someone else wrote. “Keep.up the great work raising such a great human.”


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