Confirmed? Royal baby Archie is Prince Harry’s adorable tiny twin. Or is he?

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There’s nothing like a side-by-side photo comparison to spark lots of debate, and the latest focus of this sort of chatter is royal baby Archie.


Archie’s on tour with his mum and dad in South Africa at the moment, and it’s fair to say that almost everyone has been delighted to see more of this high profile little boy.

Images and video of Meghan and Harry’s son have been widely shared across the internet, and royal watchers have mulled over everything from his nickname (“Bubba!”) to his outfit (H&M) and his chirpy little voice.

Now those inevitable comparison photos between father and child are popping up and people can’t decide who he looks more like … if he looks like anyone else at all.

This discussion proves yet again that different people see different things in little faces, and also that they blinking love arguing about who looks like who on social media.


“Awww!! Little Archie looks just like Prince Harry,” one royal family fan account posted sharing photos of both as babies.

“Incredible resemblance!!!” another Harry fan asserted alongside their own similar side-by-side comparison.

What did the good folk of Instagram think of this assertion that Archie is a sort of copy-and-paste of his royal dad? Let us take you through the various responses so you can be fully informed before you make up your own mind.

Many, many people agreed that the Prince and his little boy are actually twins! Case closed.

“Completely!!! Mini Harry!”

“Is … is this the same kid?”

“A little mini Harry. How adorable!”

His mother’s son too!

But lots of people could clearly see first-time royal mum Meghan’s features in the mix.

“Mommy’s eyes though!”

“He looks exactly like [Meghan], same nose, eyes, lips. Just the skin colour from the father.”

“Beautiful but he is a good mixture he looks like his mum a lot.”

“Meghan’s eyes and Harry’s face.”

“A true mini Harry with a little mix of Meghan. He is perfect!”


Others thought that the genes were strong with Meghan’s parents … and that Archie looks a lot like them.

“Sorry, but those eyes are all Doria. Cranial / facial shape same as Harry but this baby looks like Meghan’s mum. Pretty cute kid.”

“The image of Thomas Markle!”

“Nope … he looks like Meghan’s dad.”

Archie looks like Archie

Whenever these comparison photos pop up online, there’s always a bunch of people who refuse to believe in family resemblance.

“He doesn’t. He looks like Archie and nothing else.”




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