New photo of Jessica Simpson’s daughters sparks lots of “chunky” chatter

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Popular singer and reality TV personality Jessica Simpson had her third baby – a little girl she named Birdie Mae – back in March.

Is the troll tide turning?

Young Birdie has two older siblings – six-year-old Ace and seven-year-old Maxie and Jess – has been very proudly sharing updates on her baby girl with her Instagram followers ever since she arrived.

The most recent image has Jess’s followers going a little nuts. It features a very summery Maxie holding her baby sister. The pair are dressed in matching outfits and it’s fair to say that Birdie has left that newborn phase far, far behind!

“Aloha from my girls!” Jess captioned the cute snap.

It’s fair to say that Jess’s fans could not get enough of this new photo … and the unexpected dose of chunky baby cuteness. They promptly flooded her comments section with positive comments – and honestly it makes a nice change.

Jess has been on the receiving end of lots of nasty chatter over the last few months, with snarky types critiquing everything from her daughter’s outfit choices to the way she’d strapped her baby into her stroller. She turned off comments for a while to take a breather as pop star Pink spoke out in support of her.

Precious rolls!

It seems the tide has turned, for a little while at least, with lots of discourse over the last week or so urging the mum shamers and internet bullies to pipe down.

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Aloha from my girls 🌺 #MAXIDREW #BIRDIEMAE

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For the moment followers have pretty much only good things to say about the cute snap of Birdie and Max … and Birdie’s legs!

“The baby legs! Such beautiful kiddos!” one wrote.

“I love some baby rolls. They are just precious,” someone else gushed.

“No one should be posting chunky, yummy baby thighs that I cannot squeeze & tickle,” another follower teased.

“I like that your baby girl is giving the middle finger. Probably to those mommy haters aka mom shamers,” someone pointed out.

Haha! Nicely spotted (and hopefully true!) #GoBirdie!


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