Pink supports Jessica Simpson after the ‘parenting police’ slam her mum skills

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Pink has had some highs and lows with the parenting police, those vocal critics that pipe up in the social media comments of mums and dads to let them know they’re doing everything wrong.

Here come the parent police

She’s struggled with strategies to keep them at bay, from calling them out to turning off comments on posts, to keeping her kids off social media for a time. 

But it seems that nothing can stem the flow of negativity if you’re a public figure.

Last week mum-of-two Pink witnessed Jessica Simpson experiencing the same – as did Jess’s followers. Sadly Jess is a constant target of this sort of criticism pretty much every day, with nasty types perhaps sensing a vulnerability and often going in very hard on this mum-of-three.

This time they were slamming Jess for allowing her daughter Maxie to have her hair dyed.

Jess shared a cute photo of Maxie’s new look and one of her surrounded by a crew of hairdressers, tending to her soon-to-be pink and lilac-hued locks.

“Why start ruining her hair so young,” one follower wanted to know.

“Isn’t she too young to have her hair dyed?” another suggested.

“Wrong! Gosh, what is she going to be doing as a teen,” someone else commented.

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“What we did yesterday”

This drama and mean comments did not pass fellow mum Pink by. She obviously felt for Jess, and was keen to voice her support.

Sharing a photo of herself expertly dying her eight-year-old daughter Willow’s hair blue, Pink addressed the Jess criticism head-on.  

“I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored,” Pink wrote. “So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday.”

Pink then disabled comments on the post to prevent the mum-shamers mean commentary and stem the flow of hate.

We loved seeing Pink and Willow pipe up in support of Jess and Maxie – and push back against the mum-shamers.

More of this kindness and vocal solidarity between parents, please!

No big deal?

Playing with hair colours is definitely something kids are doing much earlier, and these girls are so lucky to have mums who make sure the job is done properly. Much better than kids resorting to DIY and painting food dye onto heads! Or colouring hair in with Sharpie markers!

Also? It’s important to teach kids that they can have fun and express themselves through their appearance. Showing them that they can be creative, make decisions about their own bodies and don’t need to adhere to some sort of conventional ‘beauty ideal’ or take themselves too seriously seems like a good thing.

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