Pink took her kids to the zoo and the parent police were NOT happy

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Pink has recently lifted a self-imposed ban on posting photos of her children on Instagram, and it’s been met with a predictable response.

Sharenting with Pink

She initially stopped posting because followers and non-fans began passionately debating her toddler son’s circumcision.

Fed up to the eye teeth, the mum-of-two decided that things had gone too far (#truth) and that it was time to protect her kids from the wrath of trolls.

But recently she’s started posting photos of Willow and Jameson again. Fans had been missing them and she obviously wanted to continue documenting her family life as well as her professional one.

She shared a jokey post about her kids playing under the sprinkler, and baiting the parent police and also posted a photo of herself and Jameson at the Berlin Zoo (bottom). The zoo image was like a red rag to a bull, with the floodgates very predictably opening as yet another debate ensued. Sigh.

Plenty of people expressed their disappointment in Pink, asserting that zoos are cruel and that she should not be promoting them.

“Zoos are the ultimate example of human depravity and selfishness,” one commenter wrote.

“Take them to see them in their natural environment, as paying them for the zoo ticket only reinforces the captivity trade,” another person posted.

“I’m gonna unfollow and I bet I won’t be missed,” another disappointed fan wrote. “Zoos are big business and the way to your viewing pleasure is littered with corpses. I expected better from you.”

Hold up a minute

But so many fans noted that it was just this sort of scrutiny that made Pink place that temporary ban on photos of Willow and Jameson – and that people should live and let live.

“THESE comments are exactly why @Pink has stopped sharing family moments with her followers,” one upset follower posted. “If you wouldn’t say it to a mother in the streets, keep it to yourselves online and scroll on by. Let the woman make memories FFS.”

Some followers suggested that zoos often do vital work and that each should be assessed on its own merits.

“Zoos are important in the education of people and in some cases are responsible for the recovery of at risk species,” one such person wrote. “Not all zoos are bad.”

“Zoos do much more than just capture in captivity, many of them are conservation and rehabilitation centers and a place where you can go & learn about the animals. Wish more people would research before running their mouths,” another fan commented.

Others still could not tear their eyes away from Pink’s photo for another reason – 

“Those bunnies are enormous!!!” one gobsmacked follower wrote. #Truth


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