Fifi Box’s Official Mum Squad illustrate 5 brilliant ways to support new mums

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Broadcaster and The Project panellist Fifi Box and her daughter Trixie welcomed a brand new baby to the family recently and they’ve been sharing their adventures on Instagram.

Amongst the lovely photos of baby Daisy bonding with her big sister and mum, there are some other ace shots of what can only be described as Fifi’s Official Mum Squad. #FOMS.

These are the women who have stepped in to support Fifi in all kinds of ways in the weeks before beautiful Daisy was born, and now in the weeks after.

It’s not often we get a behind the scenes glimpse at the new mum support crew, perhaps because lots of new mums simply don’t have one.

Seeing Fifi getting a little help from her friends is a timely reminder that new parents – whether they are partnered or not – need their friends and family to rally when a newborn turns up (and in the weeks before they’re born.)

5 easy ways to support new parents

We thought it would be a fab idea to share a few of the #FOMS moves here not only to celebrate their excellence, but also as some inspiration to those who have new parents in their life.

Also? If you are a new parent or parent-to-be, this is just the piece to send on to your friends and fam when they ask what they can do to help.

1. The Baby Swap Shop

Here we have Fifi’s work colleague and mum-of-three Carrie Bickmore pulling out a seamless Baby Swap Shop move.

If you’re not familiar with this manoeuvre it involves turning up at the new parent’s home and letting them have a turn of your older child, while you hold theirs. This helps them realise that ‘the days are long but the years are short’ and also gives them both a chance to talk about what happened on Love Island last night/how far nipples can stretch. Possibly.

2. The Sunshine-y Snuggle/Food Drop Combo

This is a pro move, illustrated perfectly by FOMS member/beauty co CEO/mum-of-two Zoรซ Foster Blake. Basically you pop over with a basket of delicious comfort food in an outfit that emits a warm glow which the mum and newborn can soak up in lieu of not often getting to leave the house and be in the actual sunshine.

Note that you must also be ready to cuddle if you bust out this one. Check the photo for Zoรซ’s demo of that. (Hint – arms, smiles, smelling baby’s head are involved. You can do it!!!)

3. The Surprise Doorstep Drop-off

Another one from Carrie Bickmore, who is possibly the Fifi’s Official Mum Squad leader. The Surprise Doorstep Drop-off is a bold move, but one easily achieved by beginners. Basically you make something very comforting and yummy at home, and then you deliver it to the new parents without lots of fuss.

A nice twist on this move is to put the carefully contained meal on the doorstep, send a text saying you’ve left a treat and then run away. (Do not ever, ever, EVER ring the doorbell, the baby/mama may be asleep!)

We’re not sure if Carrie Bickmore ran away after dropping off this risotto/chicken combo, but we like to imagine her doing that. Note that this move is also a sign of unconditional friendship.

4. The Magic Elbow

Not everyone can do The Magic Elbow, but we all know that Fifi’s colleague/mum-of-three Lisa Wilkinson is not a regular person.

What’s The Magic Elbow all about? Well, you can see a very pregnant Fifi is struggling with the lower back pain and pressure that late pregnancy can often herald. What Lisa’s doing is helping to magic away the ouch in a pointy way that looks unhelpful to the untrained eye, but is really a total godsend.

Note that The Magic Elbow requires consent, so don’t just rush up and elbow your pregnant friend in the back. 

5. The Bump Buffer

While it might look like fellow mum Gorgi Coghlan is patting Fifi’s bump, she’s actually nailing a secret FOMS move which involves getting between the bump and everyone else.

Gorgi’s doing this because she’s a journalist and knows that it’s been scientifically proven that expectant mums need a buffer between them and the (often hostile, judgemental and/or grabby) outside world.

Like The Magic Elbow, this move is an advanced one and only suitable for members of the pregnant mum’s extreme inner circle. Also note that you may not be able to mirror Gorgi’s effortless handspan when you first try this, but with practice, you might get close.

So there you have it, world. There is absolutely no excuse for not supporting new parents now that FOMS has so helpfully shown you the way.

Get into it! Support a new parent today!


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