Wow! Check out Jess Simpson’s daughter’s hair – just don’t tell the mum-police

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Another day another celebrity mum mum-shamed in Insta land.

This time – or should we say yet again, because she has copped A LOT of mum-shaming – it’s Jessica Simpson.

And what crime did she commit? She let her daughter die the ends of her hair rainbow colours. I know, someone call the mum-police!

Fun with hair

Seven-year-old Maxwell was snapped in a pic by her mum showing off her gorgeous new ‘do’.

All she’s done is dip her blond locks in a little pink and purple colour in celebration of the new Descendants movie which is out today and features stars with purple and pink locks.

And gosh it looks sweet!

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Inspired by The Descendants #901girl #MAXIDREW

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Enter the mum-police

But sigh, the cute pic brought out some pretty judgey comments on Instagram.

“Why start ruining her hair so young,” asked one.

“Isnโ€™t she too young to have her hair dyed?” quipped another.

“Wrong! Gosh, what is she going to be doing as a teen,” hissed someone else.

But among all the negativity was a whole lot of love for Jess and her daughter.

“So gorgeous!” exclaimed many.

“Beautiful girl, beautiful momma”, said another.

It’s the new highlighter

Then, one commentator reminded all the trolls what we used to do as teens:

“For everyone freaking out over a little color on her ends, remember us 90โ€™s kids taking highlighters to our hair at school?! Come on, I had wash-out hair color and spray all the time. ๐Ÿ™„”

Good point.

Maxwell, we love it!


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