Jess Simpson can’t catch a break and will the shaming ever stop?

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The trolling of new mum Jessica Simpson has been relentless since she gave birth to her youngest child Birdie.

Enough is enough?

While it should have been five months of kindness and encouragement from those who follow Jess on Instagram, it’s been very, very far from that.

Pretty much every photo the popular singer – who is also mum to six-year-old Ace and seven-year-old Maxie – shares on social media is met with nitpicking, unsolicited advice and snark about her parenting efforts.

We know that being famous does not automatically provide you with a thick skin, and this joyless trolling has reached a bit of a breaking point for Jess.

On Friday Jess uploaded an image of Birdie strapped safely into a seat. Birdie looks gorgeously bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and we’re not surprised that Jess was keen to share the photo.

“This bird couldn’t be more adorable #blueeyes,” she proudly captioned the shot.

Strap snark

Turns out the trolls had their notifications turned on and they were quick to respond and condemn Jess’s parenting.

“Straps on this car seat do not provide correct support,” one follower scolded.

“That hard buckle should be on her sternum instead of her belly to be optimally effective and not cause more harm if a car accident would happen (God forbid!),” someone else wrote.

Other more observant types defended Jess, noting that Birdie wasn’t even IN a car seat.

“Well maybe you should look again and see it’s a stroller instead of mum shaming,” one pointed out.

“People over here giving out car seat advice when it’s a DANG STROLLER,” another wrote.

“Instagram should have a checklist before you can leave a comment,” someone very sensible suggested. “Is this productive? Is it mean-spirited? Is it bullying? Did you think before you commented?”

That’s brilliant advice.

Comments off

Jess responded to the dumpster fire that the comments became by turning off comments for a while and giving herself a breather. It sent a clear message that she is impacted by the constant nastiness. And who wouldn’t be?

It’s pretty sad that she has to resign herself to the fact that every photo she shares will result in a comment section full of debate and nastiness. Sigh.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she turned off comments on every photo of her kiddos from now on, to be honest. Who would want that sort of constant negativity polluting their life?

Remember when Instagram was a positive place? What’s become of people? #LeaveJessAlone

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